A dollmaker's lie? (Alice Margatroid)

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A dollmaker's lie? (Alice Margatroid)
Date of Cutscene: 19 October 2015
Location: Gensokyo
Synopsis: Alice reflects on what happened at Kaibaland... and how to lie better...
Cast of Characters: 807
Tinyplot: Touhou Kakudai

Alice is a bad liar. Tomoyo... Ren... Konoe... And Marisa. They all knew it was her but what could she do. She gives a light shrug and once Marisa and her were back in Gensokyo, Alice falls off the Blazing Star powered ride and ducks into the portal to Makai.

Here, she even avoids Akumakami Castlecand makes straight to another area of Makai. One of her former locales, the mysterious Wonderland. Here she rests for a while, shedding the clothes of a devil before returning to her normal outfit. "I need more acting lessons..."

Meanwhile, back in Tomoeda and Gensokyo, Tomoyo and Marisa have a note stuck into their windows.


"I am sorry for this but I need to tell you later. I have my reasons for being there." -Alice