A most fashionable prize! (Mister Satan (TP))

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A most fashionable prize! (Mister Satan (TP))
Date of Cutscene: 14 October 2015
Synopsis: Tomoyo Daidouji offers a fashionable prize to the winners of the WMAT!
Thanks to: Tomoyo Daidouji
Cast of Characters:
Tinyplot: WMAT 2015

This ad consists of a sparkly violet void, with still images of people dressed in amazing outfits drifting into view before fading away to make room for the next one. Some familiar Elites can be spotted among them, including A-ko Magami, Dorian Pavus, and Sanary Rodel. A voiceover begins, provided by Tomoyo herself.

"You're special, amazing, unique. Even in this vast Multiverse, there is no one quite like you. Someone as splendid as you should be dressed in a manner befitting you. At Tomoyo's Boutique, we endeavour to provide top-quality garments, made to order with you in mind. We use the finest materials from all over the Multiverse, to create something to suit your needs and enhance your features."

All the pictures fade out now, replaced by images of a bronze armlet, a silver medal and a gold crown. Each one is embossed with the symbol of the WMAT. "Those who stand at the top of the world should wear things to let everyone know who they are~ As such, the top three for each bracket of the World Martial Arts Tournament will receive a customized accessory made by hand. Those in third will have a bronze accessory, those in second will receive silver, and those in first will receive gold!"

The accessories fade, replaced by the logo for Tomoyo's Boutique in dark purple. "Tomoyo's Boutique, located in Tomoeda-865. We're here to make you look good~"