A troll is born (Toph Beifong)

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A troll is born (Toph Beifong)
Date of Cutscene: 20 October 2014
Location: New York-199999
Synopsis: Toph discovers Twitter.
Cast of Characters: 20

"So you're saying... that all of these dunderheads argue on this internet page?" Toph inquires again, just to make sure she understood this correctly. Her fingers feel the braille symbols underneath her fingers even as Jarvis repeats the input text for her, as well as trying to correct her somewhat erroneous first impression.

"Arguing is not the primary function nor purpose of social media, miss Beifong."

"But it's possible?"

One might swear that the electronic butler sighs despite not having lungs. "Yes."

The blind girl narrows her eyes, reaching a hand up to rub idly at her chin, though she doesn't appear worried nor concerned. "And some of these people... are criticizing me, huh?"

"It appears that some of them are commenting on the latest news report concerning your latest trip to buy... ice cream. Some of them are questioning your fashion sense and made a hashtag," Jarvis continues, and Toph snorts and leans back on the couch. "... which means?" she asks. "That more of them are discussing you and how your clothes didn't match when you last went to 7-11 to buy donuts at 9 am, miss Beifong."

Toph's laughter fills the living room as she is unable to keep quiet anymore, and she snickers, brushing some hair away from her face. "Seriously?!" Over the weeks she's learned to ignore the paparazzi somewhat, and they in turn seems to have learned their lesson to not get too close. Still, this might be a chance for some fun. "Hey Jarvis... help me make an account, will you?"

If they can write such things, then why can't she do it as well?