Aboard The Golden Castle (Krezentia Einjager)

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Aboard The Golden Castle (Krezentia Einjager)
Date of Cutscene: 22 April 2015
Location: The Golden Castle
Synopsis: Krezentia is bored and decides violence is the answer.
Cast of Characters: 758

"Bored. SO BORED. Nothing on TV. KOPIE!"

"Krez, funya~?"

"Where's mom keep all the dolls again?"

"Uuuuuuhm... oh! Dead center of the castle, funya~!"


"Storage! Creepy. Ugh, can't believe I used to sleep in those capsules like all of those empty, worthless dolls. Now let's see... I'm sure mom won't notice if I just take two of them."

"I won't notice what~?"

"G-Gah! Where did you come from?!"

"Mmhmm, answer the question~."

"I'm bored so I'm taking a Zorne and a Schwer out to play."

"Aha, not indoors with those two I hope?"

"Nah, on the Church's lawn. That okay?"

"Try to be back before dinner~." ~giggle~