Acting Lessons and a Request (Shinki)

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Acting Lessons and a Request (Shinki)
Date of Cutscene: 08 October 2015
Location: Akumakami Castle
Synopsis: After spilling some of the beans to Tomoyo, by warning her. Alice retreats to Makai to get acting lessons... and to protect the one she's warned.
Cast of Characters: 882
Tinyplot: Touhou Kakudai

Daytime - Akumakami Castle Shinki's Room

"I don't think this will work, Mom. Someone might know of our plans already... someone dear to me." Alice starts, shaking her head, "If... no when we continue, I want to make it clear I won't hurt her."

"Oh, that Tomoyo girl? Of course not, you have my promise Alice! Now that's not all you came here for, now is it? Come, let me know what's bothering you. Is it the world you picked out next? The one we want you to personally look at?"

Alice gives a nod, "I don't think just the koakuma outfit will do to hide me. Even without Hourai and Shanghai." a pause, Shinki is ruffling through a closet and pulls out fake wings. "Did you really?" and a nod from Shinki. "Is that so..." "It is so." "I guess it can't be helped." "I knew you would see it right! Come, let's get you with some acting with the rest of them now shall we?"

Meanwhile, on Marisa's door.

"You're needed here. Signed: Y & M" And a location is given. One of Seto Kaiba's Kaiba-Lands.