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This news file pertains to specific sub-systems of Advantages. If you haven't read that file already, please be sure to do so before you read this one!

Add-Ons are mini-packages of pips and trappings that have been pre-approved for circulation by Staff, and can be taken "as-is" by anybody who qualifies to ask for them. They are ALWAYS ●●.

Templates are Advantage and Disadvantage sets that have been pre-approved for circulation by Staff. Although Troubles remain the responsibility of the player, they are accompanied by obligate Flaw disadvantages that are themed to match the advantage set.

At the time of this writing, all existing Add-Ons and Templates are factionally themed and locked. Further Add-Ons and Templates may be added in the future, particularly in response to ongoing plots and player action.

Bear in mind that Add-Ons and Templates may have trappings and limits that would not be approved for player usage. The Watch template's factional NPCs, for instance, are just themed by 'whoever is in the Watch' at the time and as of this writing could be sourced from The Legend of Korra, Metal Gear, Starcraft, etc.

Add-Ons and Templates can only be modified within the explicit boundaries of what we leave to players within the Add-On or Template; some of them have multiple options, but you can't swap them out for something not in the Add-On or Template. You may not use Redundant Advantages to reflavor anything you get from Add-Ons.



Club Dorado Support Package:

NPCs**: NAME has a personal staff of suits, toughs, personal assistants, chauffers, etc. It is an executive entourage customized to support the client's strengths.

Hint**: NAME can call on expert specialists and info brokers for valuable information on places that members find themselves, as well as major figures, factions, travel hazards, races, and landmarks.

Wealth**: NAME possesses the DORADO BLACK CARD, which offers an astoundingly high credit limit that magically and technologically enforces itself.


Emergency Response Unit:

NPCs**: NAME is able to command a unit of special forces specialized in search and rescue, equipped with light power suits tuned to complement and mirror NAME's combat and personal abilities.

Analysis**: Paladins SITREP can break down the relationships and dynamics of the figures and factions where NAME is operating, describe the potential humanitarian and political effects of their efforts, and identify major obstacles to them.

Healing**: NAME's special forces unit is equipped with a general-purpose healing kit that allows them to administer medical treatments to most common types of life form in the Multiverse.


The Lamplighters:

NPCs**: NAME can call for support from fellow cells of the Watch. The resulting crowd is a disorganized and mismatched rabble composed of individual members of Watch organizations, and themed according to current faction composition.

Field Shaping**, Entry Methods**: NAME is able to call on local Watch assets and sympathizers to aid in their endeavors. This takes the form of back doors being left open, tripwires being set, large trucks being backed out of alleys at strategic intervals, power lines being cut, keys being left out, or any other reasonable physical effect that could be achieved by having a few locals prepared to intercede semi-unobtrusively with whatever is physically available to the average person there.


Coming eventually!


Submissions for Add-Ons and Templates will not be considered until January 2020. These are the guidelines that will apply at that time.

Add-Ons and Templates can be suggested via +request/GENERAL.

Requirements for consideration:

The source of an Add-On or Template must be sourced from a permanent MUSH fixture, not a cast or specific themelist, and not a specific ongoing plot. For example: The Line and Afterus of today are both acceptable foundations for Add-Ons or Templates, but the Homestuck plot during its heyday wouldn't have been.

Add-Ons and Templates must be free of non-Administrative gatekeeping. They can be particular to a faction (within reason), but that's about the limit of how much they can be roped off. Furthermore, be aware that being particular to a faction will often be timed exclusivity rather than indefinite exclusivity.

Add-Ons and Templates must be clearly and cleanly themed. They are pre-approved packages, not generic.