After the Duel (Ahri)

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After the Duel (Ahri)
Date of Cutscene: 30 July 2014
Location: Somewhere
Synopsis: After her fight with Jinx, Ahri considers what happened.
Cast of Characters: 491

The fight had finished, the Howling Abyss was left far behind. Ahri wasn't even sure how long she had run. It had felt like hours... Days? No. Not days. The sun had barely sunk under the horizon when the woman had missed a step and ended up under a tree. Now, with the stars twinkling overhead, she was alone with only her thoughts. The buzz of her radio was constant, though her ears were only listening for a single word. A name, in fact. When she finally heard that Jinx wasn't dead, she finally felt the burning feeling in her chest vanish.

Her spirit orb, resting just to her side, was still swirling with energy. The sky blue hue was nothing like the emerald-green it had adopted hours earlier. It had finally happened again despite all her mental effort to make sure it wouldn't. Her hunger took over, she unleashed everything she had, even including her Meteor Rush.

Using the tree near her head, Ahri sat up, sighed, and took the Spirit Orb back into her right hand before letting all the energy it had gathered flow down her arm to be absorbed. Most days, she didn't feel so awful about it. Today, as the energy seeped in, all she felt was guilt about it. With the energy taken, and the Orb returning to its dormant state against her neck, she stood, then began the long trek back to where she had stayed since her arrival in the Multiverse. Running would not solve her problems this night, or any other. That was the difference between what she used to be, and what she had become. She had to apologize. With the decision made, she mused one question to herself.

"I wonder if this is what being responsible is..."