All-Seeing Eye

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All-Seeing Eye (Scenesys ID: 1139)
"Compliance is mandatory!~ Now be a dear and stop struggling."
Full Name: All-Seeing Eye
Gender: Male
Species: Alchemical Exalted
Theme: (OC) Exalted-9999
Function: Thought Police
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Paladins (4-Chevaliers)
Groups: [Paladins]
Other Information
Physical Age: Early 20s Actual Age: 30
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: El Debarge
Height: 6'1" Weight: 180lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Gold
Theme Song: Exit - Tangerine Dream


All-Seeing Eye's convivial exterior belies both the strength of his conviction, and the dark nature of his purpose. Built thirty years ago to re-educate or destroy dissidents among his society, this champion of god and state finds himself now thrust into an entirely new world. When his nation joined the Commonwealth in an eager, desperate bid for assistance, he was sent to the Paladins as a gesture of goodwill. Now, he serves interests both domestic and Multiversal, using his amazing powers of perception and combat prowess to serve justice. The Paladins' idea of justice is much more restrained than the near-limitless reach Eye is used to, and if his hardline conviction doesn't test his allies' patience, his vanity, arrogance and sadism certainly will.



Live Wire Style: An Autochthonian martial art focused around the use of two (or more!) whips. All-Seeing Eye has mastered this style, and practices it regularly to keep his skills sharp, having known it for nearly twenty years. Eye is considered among his people to be an authority in its use, even among practitioners of other nations. With this bizarre style, he can conjure blasts of electricity to deflect ranged attacks, create lengths of pure electric energy to use as whips, or send electric currents down the length of appropriately conductive whips.

Exalted Marksmanship: All-Seeing Eye is a master marksman even without his sophisticated combat suite, having thirty years of experience making difficult shots in Autochthonia's often cramped environments. With magical cybernetics known as Charms, his marksmanship reaches outlandish levels of skill, enabling such feats as ricocheting shots between or through several enemies, or making ranged attacks intangible to pass through solid matter on their way to the intended target. Though he does have the ability to shoot through solid matter, the projectiles never ignore armor, always rematerializing just before striking their intended target. They can, however, pass harmlessly through unintended targets to reach the intended target.


Optical Enhancement: True to his name, All-Seeing Eye boasts a number of optical enhancements. First, he has a 360 degree range of vision. In addition, he can selectively see through most solid matter at a distance of up to four yards. Scrying wards can block this ability, as can exotic materials like Creation's magical materials, Kryptonite, vibranium, etc. His eyes also come equipped with microscopic lenses that allow him to zoom in and focus on small objects to spot details that might have otherwise been overlooked.

Secondary Sensory Upgrades <Consent>: In addition to his supernaturally augmented vision, All-Seeing Eye's hearing is augmented. Soft sounds that would escape the notice of most are clear as a bell to him, to the point that he can navigate through echolocation if blinded, and can detect lies through fluctuations in the speaker's heartbeat, if one is present.

Integrated Weapons Systems: As Alchemical Exalted are halfway between human and machine, it follows that their weapons often take advantage of their artificial bodies. All-Seeing Eye's body conceals five braided steel cable whips (wrists, feet, hair), two repeating crossbows (upper wrists), and a pair of miniaturized Essence Pulse Cannons (eyes), the last of which shoots electric bolts that can be made lethal or non lethal at will.

Personality Override Spike <Consent>: A small stiletto that emerges from a port in the center of All-Seeing Eye's palm, this Charm's true value is not as a melee weapon, but a tool of mind control. When a victim (or willing subject) is stabbed with the spike, their mind becomes locked in a battle of wills with his. In this state, All-Seeing Eye can attempt to erase, repair or create memories within the victim's mind. Any memories altered, erased or created are subconsciously realized as false, and All-Seeing Eye's work can be undone by those with similar mental skills. Using the spike to tamper with memories is long process, especially if attempting to rewrite a long string of memories or particularly impactful memories that shaped the individual's life, and particularly when the victim is strong of will (named characters). Even trivial changes require his utmost concentration, and the process can be interrupted by a third party removing the spike (which All-Seeing Eye is powerless to stop) or by the victim breaking free of the mental hold.


Mobile Sensory Drone: One of the Exalt's eyes can leave its socket to serve as a manually-controlled drone. The drone records audio and visual information on a removable crystal. Though generally small enough to stay hidden, it is fragile and has no real means to defend itself. It is also cut off from access to its owners Charms. When the drone is deactivated or exceeds its maximum effective range (about the breadth of a small neighborhood) it stops transmitting and will take the most expedient route back to All-Seeing Eye, even if doing so risks its detection. If destroyed, the storage crystal is destroyed along with it.

Minor Artifacts: All-Seeing Eye has been entrusted with the care of a few artifacts to help him in his purpose.

- Perfected Boots: The most comfortable pair of boots one is likely to ever find. They slightly increase the speed of the wearer. 

- Fiddle of the Populat: An unbreakable erhu, a single-stringed, bowed instrument with a range similar to the human voice.

- Tranquil Egress: A collapsible hoverbike that uses space-folding technology to rest within All-Seeing Eye. It allows for swift travel from point A to point B and can cross deep chasms, but will shut off if combat or other hazards which might damage it are detected. 

Superficial Physiology: All-Seeing Eye, like all of Autochthon's chosen, has no biological need to breathe. His lungs only exist to facilitate speech, which allows him a measure of freedom underwater, in vaccums, and other environments where respiration would normally be a concern. This doesn't make him immune to gas-based attacks, however; if tricked into inhaling, or if the gas in question irritates eyes or skin, hell be affected as normal.

Acrobatics: All-Seeing Eye is a nimble fighter, and when forced to fight in close quarters, uses this to his advantage with flips, tumbles, and the occasional use of his whips as impromptu grappling hooks.

Human Form: When subtlety is required, or when All-Seeing Eye is feeling particularly vain, he can hide the more artificial aspects of his appearance, and alter his pigment from its normal shock-white to more human tones. Apart from these superficial changes, he still has the same basic appearance, and cannot change it in any other way.


Vain (Trouble): All-Seeing Eye is pretty and he knows it, but can't stand the thought that others might find him unsettling. No amount of admiration is enough for him. He'll do anything to get it, and sometimes even deems negative attention an acceptable alternative to approval. In combat, he'll showboat needlessly to earn approval from allies (and onlookers), often gleefully ignoring real danger to do so. If there's a more dangerous and spectacular way to do it, Eye will seek it out. He's also obsessed with his physical appearance. Damage to his face, even superficial, minor scratches, incites him into seeking violent retribution above and beyond what's tactically sound, easily lured into fighting stupid by clever enemies. Further, his fear of eventually becoming a loathsome, gigantic Colossus adds a self-destructive bent to his vanity. Eye would rather die young and pretty, and as such will gladly walk into dangerous ambushes fully aware of the danger.

Templar (Significant): Eye has his own sense of justice, molded by the brutal, utilitarian society from which he comes. Wrongdoers don't deserve pity, and rarely do they ever deserve mercy. It's better for such people to be reprogrammed, imprisoned permanently, or destroyed than to risk their evil contaminating the Multiverse. Eye's rather broad definition of "wrongdoer" is sure to cause conflict with allies, as is his preference for draconian punishments where applicable. Likewise, he'll often be frustrated by his "soft-hearted" allies and could be talked into working around or even against them by like-minded vigilantes or clever enemies.

Arrogant (Significant): As if vanity weren't enough, All-Seeing Eye grossly overestimates his own competence. Perhaps it's because his society venerates him and others like him as champions, or because he's so used to casually foiling the plans of dissidents among his people. Whatever the reason, he wrongly assumes the importance of his station is equal to the level of his might. He tends to put himself in danger, either by overcompensating for perceived weakness in his allies, or underestimating the strength of enemies. He tends to toy with enemies and paternalistically protect allies for their own good, only to find out that both ally and enemy are more than capable, Much like the magical material hes made of, All-Seeing Eye is stubborn, and has to be proven wrong on a case-by-case basis.

The Vats (Minor): Like all Alchemical Exalted, All-Seeing Eye's body is a complex mixture of rare and exotic magical materials. As such, he must return either to the settlement of Glocrim or to Autochthonia proper to heal wounds and repair damage, for only the Sodalities' priest-engineers have the tools and facilities to properly mend Autochthon's chosen. Though they are often well defended, daring enemies who discover the location of such a facility may attempt to raid it, attacking Eye and any other recuperating Chosen at their weakest.

Clarity (Minor): While many Exalted suffer from variations upon an ancient curse, Alchemicals have their own, unique problem. Clarity is not a curse as such, but an inevitability of Alchemical design. It is a growing flight from humanity towards the unfeeling logic of the Machine God. Highly clarified Alchemicals become cold, calculating engines of efficiency, and prolonged periods of time away from humans or other organic sapients gradually pushes an Alchemical towards Clarity. The more Clarity an Alchemical accumulates, the more difficult it is to relate to and socialize with organic life. Thus, prolonged capture or confinement could radically change All-Seeing Eye into the cold arbiter of order he was designed to be--a thought which deeply worries him.

Sadism (Minor): All-Seeing Eye feels satisfaction whenever he can cause a criminal pain, especially if he can do so to take his mind off of his doubts. In combat or otherwise, allies may be unsettled by his tendency to get carried away. He might momentarily lose himself


Title Date Scene Summary
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An Unlikely Silver Tongue May 4th, 2018 Pending
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Lookshy: The Aftermath April 23rd, 2018 Pending
Dead Man's Panopticon January 2nd, 2018 Pending. Submitting logs because nobody has been.
Wrench in the Works-4 December 2nd, 2017 The Elites discover the identity of Glocrim's saboteur, and piece together a motive from his handiwork.
Operation Quicksilver: Interdiction November 26th, 2017 An ambush of an Abyssal Fleet nearly goes wrong.

Thankfully, it doesn't.

Herald of the Black Engine November 12th, 2017 Bloody Revelations meets, of all people, someone sympathetic to her cause.
Wrench in the Works-3 November 11th, 2017 The Elites enter the inhospitable Reaches to search for the hideout of
Operation Quicksilver: Threat Assessment November 10th, 2017 Recon and Intel gathering mission to a suspected Abyssal Base.

Things go as planned, until they don't, then the group runs away, the brave group runs far away.

All-Seeing Meeting November 6th, 2017 A meeting of the one call the All-Seeing Eye and Mairead at Academy Island.
Wrench in the Works-2 November 3rd, 2017 Eye and his allies investigate an apartment complex for Autochthon's Chosen. Their search for the saboteur yields a face and a name, but his motive and precise whereabouts will take further searching to find.
The Denandsor Project-3 October 28th, 2017 The Deathknight Shards of Basalt launches an ill-advised assault on Denandsor.
Wrench in the Works October 25th, 2017 All-Seeing Eye requests help from the Paladins for what appears to be a routine dissident. The culprit, and the implications, surprise everyone.


Title Date Scene Summary
No logs submitted yet.