And Found (Kongou)

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And Found (Kongou)
Date of Cutscene: 15 April 2015
Location: Southwestern Sea Zone
Synopsis: On expedition, Kongou and Zuihou investigate the site of an earlier battle against the Abyssal Navy for any salvageable cargo from destroyed enemy transports.
Cast of Characters: 637

Southeastern Sea Zone

Site of Operation LC, ~2200 hours

The Abyssal fleet is long departed and hostilities have ceased now for several hours. Patches of the sea's surface still burn, flames eating through spilled oil. Floating wreckage and small crates dot the sea between these burning patches, bobbing in the choppy waters.

This scene of past carnage is not entirely desolate, though.

The faint buzz of an aircraft's engine reveals the presence of a Saiun scout plane, banking gently over the scene in the fading light. Within, the fairy pilot shields her eyes and scans the waves below. One final pass before giving up, that was her order.

The fairy passenger lifts tiny binoculars, squinting downward in greater detail. She pauses, sighting something. Reaching forward, the little creature tugs on the sleeve of the pilot seated in front of her, then points. The Saiun banks into a dive, pulling out much closer to the ocean's surface. Passing over a white object floating in the waves, the recon plane banks, then ascends and starts circling in a wide arc.

Two kilometers away, Zuihou opens her eyes with a soft "Oh!" Turning, she looks over her shoulder to Kongou and the small barge of crates floating beside her, "My cute little Saiun found something interesting~!"

Twenty minutes later...

Zuihou raises the arm that her flight deck is attached to, presenting a flat surface. In the distance, the Saiun lowers its landing gear, touching down on the deck. The hook near its tail catches the arresting cable, halting the plane. Once stopped, it glows, then transforms into an arrow. Zuihou removes this, gently sliding it back into her quiver, "You worked hard, take a break~!"

Her aircraft recovered, the light carrier glances over her shoulder. Thirty yards away, Kongou hauls a girl's body out of the water and onto the barge, scattering recovered crates back into the water. Once the girl is situated, Kongou leans back and wipes her forehead, "Phew~! I didn't expect treasure like this!"

"We should report to the Flagship right away!" Zuihou chimes, "The sun is setting, my planes won't be able to find anything else in the dark."

"Mm!" A noise and a nod of assent from Kongou, as she picks up the tow cable -- an ordinary leash -- and accellerates. Within moments, Zuihou catches up, flanking the barge, her eyes wandering to the unconscious girl sprawled across a heap of cargo crates.

Just who is she?