By the Book (Kyra Hyral)

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By the Book (Kyra Hyral)
Date of Cutscene: 22 September 2015
Location: An Apartment in Njorun
Synopsis: Kyra makes a...cake?
Cast of Characters: Kyra Hyral

"Making food is just like science! With tools that blend and baste~"

Kyra beamed brightly, singing as she dumped the half-cup of ground pumice into a ceramic bowl. The bowl had been carefully placed on the round wooden table in the center of what passed as a kitchen in her shared apartment. The rest of the furniture had been cleared aside as best as possible, chairs pushed away, couch shoved up against the wall. After setting aside the now empty cup, she took up a hand mixer next to her, flicking it on and plunging it, one handed, into the bowl.

"And every fun appliance gives the food a different taste!"

Her other hand sought out her nearby mPhone, slipping the screen lock down and returning to the photo gallery of the quarantined recipe book she and her fellow students had discovered in the Forbidden Wing of the Academy's library weeks before. Her pictures had been surreptitiously taken at the time, fearing that Marisa would not relinquish the book for her study. Her fears had not been unfounded: both her and Xiao Li Yu had barred her from the book.

"It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake~ If the way is hazy!"

Tiny sparks flew as the ground stone struck the sides of the ceramic bowl while being combined with the rest of the mixture. Kyra ignored them.

"You gotta do the cooking by the book!"

The hand mixer was shut off and removed. Yellow gloves slid on, a small precaution Kyra took to handle the minute amount of Dark Matter that was called for next according to the recipe. At least that's what she thought it said, given the slightly blurry text that was shadowed by Marisa's hat at the time. Mentally, she made a note to thank Fayt later, maybe with a slice of the finished product.

"You know you can't be lazy!"

The mixture in the bowl was poured into a copper cake pan and set back down on the table. She backed away, taking up her phone again and setting the timer on it to exactly 33 seconds.

"Never use a messy recipe, the cake will end up crazy! If you do the cooking by the book..."

A pleasant clink from her phone went off moments later, telling her that the time was up. Abruptly, Kyra cleared her phone, the hand mixer, various measuring instruments, and spilled flour off the table.

"Then you'll have a cake! We gotta have it made! You know that I love cake!"

Beneath the detritus, an elaborate array (or at least the most accurate reproduction Kyra could manage while battling low camera resolution) was carved into the table's surface, the grooves filled with a mixture of flour and baking soda.

"Finally, it's time to make a cake!!"

She slammed both hands down on the table, magic particles flowing through her hands and into the array set around the copper pan. Yellow light spilled into the channels, surging upwards, infesting the contents of the copper pan shortly afterwards. A rumble that sounded like a distant volcano erupting emanated from the mixture, a dire warning heralding the ensuing explosion.