Came Through The Fire (Jeanne d'Arc)

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Came Through The Fire (Jeanne d'Arc)
Date of Cutscene: 09 August 2014
Location: Akita
Synopsis: Shizune helps Jeanne find a church, so she may fulfill a very important need.
Cast of Characters: 536

... Someday becomes somehow
... and a prayer becomes a vow

A talk with Shizune and a introduction to the world of the internet saw Jeanne frowning, due to the lack of a nearby Catholic church. However, Shizune promptly explained trains, and found out that there was a fairly easy transfer from Akita to Morioka, and thus the pair set off on a pilgrimage.

Jeanne was fascinated with the ride in and of itself. Having never ridden anything but horses in her lifetime, she prowled up and down the empty train car they were in, stumbling a few times thanks to the motion, before she finally sits down back next to Shizune for a few minutes. Jeanne seems a bit awed at the speed of travel, before turning back.

"It is very pretty." She says. "Thank you. This is important to me."

That might be a understatement.

The walk from the station to the Church is also filled with information, Jeanne picking up bits and pieces before they come to the gate. "Ah... please." She says, looking at Shizune. "I might be awhile. This is... important, to me. I do not wish to keep you." Whether Shizune sticks around or not, Jeanne moves towards the door oft he church, before crossing herself, murmuring something softly before she enters.

She has found another outfit to wear, a long black skirt and matching boots with a comfortable top. Shopping was interesting for her, and probably funny to everyone that was with them. As such, she enters the church with nary a glance or two from the various others in the room, striding up the aisle quietly before she comes to the place just before the altar and sanctuary.

Jeanne kneels there, quiet in her thoughts for a few moments. Tears come to her eyes. A visit to a place of the true faith, which she had not been in since before her captivity, as she was not permitted to leave to go to Mass, has moved her, and the woman shakes a little bit as she bites back a small noise. She doesn't want to break the sanctity of peace that has fallen upon the others, and she is overwhelmed.

Jeanne's head bows, and she closes her eyes as she starts to pray. She is there for what feels like minutes to her, but is actually a proper hour. What she talked about, she will never tell anyone but Him, and when she stands, it is with a almost noticeable aura of relief. She looks around the church for a few moments, before a young Docent comes up to her, quietly offering her a few objects.

Jeanne takes them with care, before noticing that it is a small rosary, a cross, and a Bible (in Japanese, of course.) She looks at the docent for a long moment, words failing her, before she curtsies as she normally word, whispering a single word of thanks. Holding them tight to her frame, Jeanne moves to exit the church, fingering the rosary between her fingers.

She has once again prayed and given herself to God. Now it is time to settle on her path forward, and help her new friends out, by giving her blessings, her faith, and her hope to them, so that they will not falter, and they will not fall.

She is Jeanne d'Arc, the Maid of Orleans, and she has fought through the fire and flames, and refuses to give up once more.