Constant Companion (Elliana Fairchild)

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Constant Companion (Elliana Fairchild)
Date of Cutscene: 26 January 2014
Location: Elliana's Quarters
Synopsis: While Elliana makes complex plots, Wrathborn expresses mild concern.
Cast of Characters: 92
Tinyplot: New Blood

The night is chill, as usual, and Elliana is in no hurry to leave the study tonight. The crisp, clean copy of the map that lay before her was already marked with numerous notes, a plan that was relatively simple, she thought. Now, the former priestess writes more specific orders for those Confederates who have chosen to accompany her, sealing them in envelopes one after another.

This was going to be... delicate.

~You are willing to go this far?~

The girl pauses as she finishes the stroke of the pen. Out of the corner of her scarlet eye, the one injured so long ago now, she can see the vague and shimmering presence of the snakelike being settling on her shoulder. She felt no weight, of course... and arguably, the creature was not even there. It was merely a manifestation of the thing inside her, making its presence known in a manner that her senses could perceive.

"We went over this," she answers crisply. "The risk is necessary. I have tried to mitigate every factor I could consider, though I admit that the Union will almost certainly interfere, and are unpredictable."

Wrathborn writhes until it sits more comfortably on her shoulder, though Elliana knows it is merely an illusion. A mental projection of the entity getting metaphysically settled, really. ~That was not what I refer to. This plan of yours requires you to be exposed. It will certainly result in painful and horrific injuries to yourself.~

"I know that you cannot feel the pain, Wrathborn," Elliana states calmly, folding the envelope closed. "If you are worried that I will die, I assure you I will place my survival above the success of the operation. In fact you can count on it."

The creature is silent for several seconds, then that mental voice states, ~Of course, that was my only concern. I will retreat for the night.~

Now Elliana narrows her eyes, even seeing the snake so simply twist about and burrow into her chest again, vanishing into the depths of her soul once more. "What is it you are up to, Shajem...?"

Wrathborn does not answer, his thoughts and emotions, primitive though they are, closed to the priestess that hosts his power. After long minutes listening to nothing but the crackle of the fire nearby, Elliana sighs. She will just have to keep her guard up as she rests, again.

Curiously, the usual nightmares did not come that night.