Crowned In Water (Cassandra Dolet)

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Crowned In Water (Cassandra Dolet)
Date of Cutscene: 13 January 2015
Location: Dolet Building - Leviathan - Galianda
Synopsis: Cassie has a important and long-awaited conversation with her father, Lyndon Dolet.
Cast of Characters: 671

The storm raged in. That was the important part - it beat down on the glass and crystals and stonework of the Leviathan islands, and engorgeds the streams and rivers. The sea crashed on, higher, higher, but Cassandra Dolet, sitting in her office on the third floor of the Dolet Corporation building, staring across the mahogany desk at her father, Lyndon. The salt and pepper bearded and thinning haired man has a gentle gaze in his blue eyes as he watches Cassie stare out the window as lightning flashes and thunder strikes.

"You are exceptionally distracted today by the weather, daughter. Did you have a easy sail in? You know that I cross-trained Fuu and Sei to assist you if you needed it, especially considering the company you had on board." Lyndon comments.

Cassie doesn't even flinch, which says a lot about how much less she's startled by things that should surprise her lately. "Prince al Cid needed some time to think, considering the potential war we have on our hands, father. It is nothing for me to bring him over on the Drake, so he may relax for a small while."

Lyndon nods. "Is there anything Drake would like to tell me?"

Cassie closes her eyes in her chair. She shifts her weight, then idly turns the chair around, and it stops perfectly right when she opens her eyes to look at her father. "Yes, the Drake would like to report that Prince Landon al Cid of Ramuh has stated his intentions to court one Cassandra Dolet, heiress, and asks that we keep this absolutely silent."

Lyndon is silent, and Cassie exhales. Okay, so maybe not the *best* thing to start out with, but it could be worse. After all, some people out could want their daughter not to be a queen or whatever, so it's -- it's kind of weird. She watches him anxiously, and when three minutes pass, she finally bursts out, "Oh my gosh, daddy, /please-/"

Lyndon lifts up a hand and Cassie chokes down her next phrase, her face flushed. "We are honored by the intention." He says calmly and clearly. "I accept it, as well, and trust that you know what this means you'll be undergoing over the next ... however long it very well may be, yes, Cassandra?"

Cassie ulps. Full name usage. "I do, Father." She says, quietly.

Lyndon nods. "Then I wish you the best of luck, my daughter. The seas rage in your veins, and the storms beat in his. It is a ... interesting match, considering you are not wholly really nobility, but what it works out too, it will work out too. I won't interfere... all that much." He finally smiles.

Cassie slumps down in her seat. "I'm getting more bodyguards, aren't I?"

"Ohhhh yes you are. You are altogether too good at sneaking out from under Fuu and Sei's eyes and watches."

"Well, it's not my fault I'm a good ninja..."

"You're going to be back to wearing bells all the time if you keep it up, young lady..."

"Aw, dad..."