Darkness (Rhapsody)

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Darkness (Rhapsody)
Date of Cutscene: 09 November 2016
Location: Ravnica
Synopsis: Rhapsody's sorrow after Yunomi is lost
Cast of Characters: 325
Tinyplot: 34 - Moeru

Few knew of the phobia Rhapsody had. The dragon had always been terrified of the dark. There was a reason the spires were always lit, why she rarely slept in an empty room. Now, each time she found the normally peaceful embrace of sleep, she instead relived a scene again and again. Each time, Ijiwaru's blade came down, Yunomi whispered, and the world simply shattered into a thousand pieces, each piece of light slowly vanishing until only the brilliant white light of the Window was left. She didn't know why she tried to fly to it, but each time it would close, plunging Rhapsody into a complete dark that caused her to scream out, both in her dream and in real life.

Awake, all that she knew was the memory of what had happened at the Mana Nexus. The rain, the star-less night, the complete lack of Ravnica's 'Guardian Stars', Ijiwaru's blade. Sidonia hadn't even told her sister what happened to Yunomi's form after the guildmaster attempted to raze Prahv to the ground. She hadn't even reached Azorius lands before Bahamut wrestled her out of the sky to prevent her from making a grave mistake. From then to now, all she knew was restless sleep and heart-broken consciousness.

Inconsolable to even her own family, Thianel inquired of Ryxinel, Sidonia, and anyone he knew for an idea on how to help Rhapsody through her darkness. Ryxinel, knowing a particular secret of his sister, explained how Rhapsody had been assisting with the hunt for Yunomi. He told him about Dun Realtai, the new friends she had found there, and a wizard that had given her the idea to assume the form of Skara Sparkblade. Desperate, the draconic construct sent a letter to the people of Dun Realtai, and to Merlin in particular asking a single quesiton. 'Can you help Rhapsody?'

The Thirix Aerie remains locked. Ryxinel remains in the Mana Nexus, attempting to decern how the massive construct works. Sidonia has vanished as she always does, seeking out someone that may actually console her when no one else has. The Izzet League has gone dark, the sector closed completely, with no date given to the Senate on when it may reopen. The Guildless continue their protests. The guilds that stood with the Izzet wonder if they could have done more. The guilds that voted for Ijiwaru's assistance see that their terms were not honored, some pondering blood, others wondering if they cast the correct vote.

The whole city is cast into darkness, uncertain of what may come next.

https://youtu.be/yntDx4Y4baw Starset - Dark On Me