Decisions, Decisions (Mairead Sandilands)

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Decisions, Decisions (Mairead Sandilands)
Date of Cutscene: 01 February 2016
Location: Hikari Sea Port - Main Courtyard
Synopsis: Mairead is thinking about joining Nagato and her Fleet for allowing her to stay at Hikari Sea Port.
Cast of Characters: Mairead Sandilands

Sitting on a bench in the Main Courtyard of the Hikari Sea Port is Mairead Sandilands. She is dressed in the IS Academy Uniform and is reading a book that has seen better days. The brown cover is worn and is leather, while the pages are thin, thinner than most books. She sits alone, under a tree and flips a page as she reads from the book. "Am I making the right decision?" she asks herself as her Scottish accented voice is heard over the slight breeze. "I need to do something in payment for the Admiral allowing me to stay here," she adds as she takes the book and with it still open turns it over and places it on the bench next to her.

Patting it, Mairead thinks and closes her eyes as she gives a small pray, "Lord, if ye are listening, please be with me in this time as I decide on what I am about to do is the right course of action. I know I have not been good in some aspects, but I put me trust in ye. Amen," she says as she opens her eyes and looks at the ships in the port. Thinking, she pulls out a piece of paper from a bag she had and a pen and begins to write in it.

Dear Admiral,
I would like to formally offer my assistance in anything that you need and I would like to request membership with the Hikari Combined Fleet based out of Hikari Sea Port. I offer myself and my IS, Emerald Lady to be used in a way that you see fit, rather land, sea or air. Additionally, I request to be fitted with parts that your Fleet uses, as I am not sure if the same parts will work with my IS.

As she stops writing, Mairead looks up and thinks on the letter she is writing and how it should be written. "I really wish I would have learned better writing from me mum," she comments as she picks up the piece of paper and goes to tear it up, but stops as she looks at it and re-reads it and then begins to write again.

I believe that I would be a valuable asset to the Hikari Combined Fleet, due to my skill with a sword, being a swordsmaster in addition to what Emerald Lady has in the way of equipment. Moreover, I want to learn more about the lasses..... the ships...... the Hikari Combined Fleet. I await to hear from you in my request and offer and I thank you for your time and allowing me a place to stay.
Respectfully yours,

Mairead Grace Sandilands

Smiling, Mairead reads over it and nods. Folding the piece of paper, she places under her book, and grabs another piece of paper. This second piece, she folds to make an envelope and grins as she takes the letter and places it in the envelope. Standing, she places the envelope in her book, once she has grabbed it and looks up to the sky, doing the catholic cross and smiling, "Thank ye lord," she states as she closes her book, which has the words Holy bible in faded gold lettering and heads to the Admiral's Office to deliver the letter and to await word from Nagato on what she has sent.

"I hope I am making the right decision and I wonder what me mum will think when she does find out?"