Diane's Diary May 20th (Pius Athanor)

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Diane's Diary May 20th (Pius Athanor)
Date of Cutscene: 20 May 2015
Location: Danbur
Synopsis: Nights are no longer quiet in the Athanor mansion as Pius becomes more focused.
Cast of Characters: 741
Tinyplot: The Great Work

There's a clear change in my brother.

Even if he's not as tired as he was right after she died, he still seems restless. The last weeks I have heard that he's been up at night working down in his room, and there sounds from the attic. When I tried to take a look Pius told me that I should wait until later, which is really unfair. I help out too, so shouldn't I be allowed to look? I'm not as smart as him, but I can help with the little things!

He's been having dreams too, I think. I woke up last night and passed by his bedroom, and I heard him talk in his sleep. This morning he was tired, but he still insisted that we should get started on processing the dragon blood they got last night.

I need to check the letters today to see if there are more clues on where we can gather the three remaining reagents. Maybe the adventurers from the other worlds can help us if we can't find them here in Danbur.

I hope the amphora will hold on long enough, Pius is constantly worrying about it since he has been working on catching up on his duties to the village. Can they really not wait? But I also understand that we can't tell them, they wouldn't understand like the people from the other worlds seem to do. Plus they have always resented our family for as long as I can remember.