Diane's Diary May 22nd (Pius Athanor)

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Diane's Diary May 22nd (Pius Athanor)
Date of Cutscene: 22 May 2015
Location: Danbur
Synopsis: Pius begins having one sided conversations with the amphora.
Cast of Characters: 741
Tinyplot: The Great Work

I hope I didn't catch a cold from yesterday when we were out chasing that weird storm! But even if I did, it's still worth it. We have three reagents, with only two missing! Pius told me that he's starting construction on the body now that the dragon blood has been processed, though we will need the mineral before he can begin crafting a skeleton.

Last night I thought he was having dreams again, but when I peeked into his room he was busy talking with the amphora as he held it up close. It seems to be glowing strongly, even if Pius has said that it has a limited effect on the essence. It's a bit weird... does that mean we don't need to rush before time runs off?

Even after I had gotten my glass of water I heard him talking. When I woke up he was finally asleep, and I pray he was not up all night again. We are finally ahead on the commissions from the village, it would be stupid to get behind on work just because he was staying up late talking to somebody who can't even hear him!

It's magical glass, but even a prepared amphora can't talk back! That's just silly! He should talk to me and the adventurers instead so we can locate the last two reagents.