Distractions (Mairead Sandilands)

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Distractions (Mairead Sandilands)
Date of Cutscene: Error: Invalid time.
Location: IS Academy, Academy Island, Tokyo, Japan
Synopsis: Reflection on a distraction Mairead is having.
Cast of Characters: Mairead Sandilands

Mairead has just finished a training session at the IS Academy is currently standing under a hot shower with her head against the wall. . o 0 (What is wrong with me?) she says to her self as she slams her fist in the wall. . o 0 (I can do better than I did today,) she adds as she closes her eyes. "Did what happened to me affect me more than I thought?" she asks herself as she looks up at the roof of the showers in the dressing room off the Arena. "I should have taken out those drones in no time, why was I bested?" she adds as she places her head against the wall again and sighs as she starts to cry.
As the water starts to turn cold, Mairead turns it up hotter. With her eyes closes, she tries to think in-between sobs as she remembers the last few days and the fun she had with her friends. The Bar-B-Que at UQ Holdings, the Island was the Fairytail Hall is and where Touta lives and works. Smiling, she remembers what Touta said to her and this causes her to blush as she remembers the scene in her mind like a photograph.
Near the bonfire on the Beach at the resort, Touta stepped closer to her and got a better look at her. "You look really pretty tonight. You do something different?"
That was a sincere comment from someone, and one that she liked, yet she did not thank him for the comment and then she opened her eyes. Thinking, she knows or has an idea as to what is going on and then what he said at the beach when they were moving Xiaomu to a room;
"I've got someone who looks out for me, though it feels like I'm looking out for her when it comes to cooking ... Hopefully, you feel the same way, because I'm sorry to tell ya but you're probably stuck with me forever."
Thinking, she turns off the hot water and grabs her towel and dries off as she sits at her locker and looks at it, "Could he ...." she says simply to herself as she gets dress and heads to get some food. . o 0 (I did watch out for him when he first arrived.) she thinks as she exits.