E! News Exclusive (Toph Beifong)

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E! News Exclusive (Toph Beifong)
Date of Cutscene: 20 August 2014
Location: New York-199999
Synopsis: E! News learn that there are some people that is harder to interview than others.
Cast of Characters: 20

E! News is busy with its various celebrity gossip and update on the stars, citing breaking news and the first on more information regarding one of the more hyped news stories on their channel the previous week. The camera zooms in on a well dressed blonde woman in studio, her focus on the viewers as she greets them with a bright and practiced smile.

"Good morning from sunny California! I am Vanessa Harrison, and I am here reporting in with a breaking news story! As we all know, it's not long ago we all got a shock when billionaire and super hero Tony Stark proposed to his girlfriend, Virginia Potts, at the memorial event in New York after the attack there two years ago." An image shoots up next to her on the screen showing a grinning Tony Stark and a smiling Pepper Potts. "And last week, Virginia herself made the announcement that the engaged couple have now filed for the adoption of a multiversal child! Virginia /has/ been seen out in Malibu with a young girl before on occasion, but we never managed to get confirmation. Until now." The image cuts to a video of Tony getting dunked with ice water, and it plays partially before stopping right after the middle of the clip. "This clip here went viral on youtube after Tony Stark himself posted it as he undertook the ice bucket challenge at his own stately Malibu home and behold, who is one of the people hoisting the ice water on the Iron Man?" Zooming in on behind Tony, the screen focuses on Toph Beifong, slightly pixelated as she's clearly in fits of laughter and trying to avoid the ice water. "And this morning we also got an unique interview with the mystery girl," Vanessa continues, her smile faltering just slightly before she continues, "as our field reporters just spotted her out in Malibu. Coming right up after this commercial break!"

The news segment cuts to a reporter running down the sidewalk towards a shawarma shop in Malibu. The people on the street look in their direction, including a somewhat confused Toph Beifong, clad in casual clothes and her hair kept up by a green scarf, who raises her head as the camera man zooms in on her face as the reporter quickly rattles off a few words.

"E! News here for a quick interview, care to give us your name, miss?" The microphone is quickly thrust up in Toph's face, and the girl flusters before she moves to push it away. Her speech is slightly hard to hear.

"Uh Toph Beifong. Who in blazes are you guys?" This doesn't stop the reporter from advancing again, posing his next question before he turns the microphone back to the girl.

"E! News," he repeats, "So what is it like, living with a billionaire superhero?" Toph blinks and reaches up to scratch the back of her head.

"Obviously it's fun?"

"Do you have your own room?"

"No, I live out by the garbage cans, genius," Toph's tone can hardly become more sarcastic as her expression grows slightly annoyed.

"What are Tony and Pepper like at home?"

"I'm sure they can answer that themselves. Look, I'm just here for the shawarma and-" Toph begins, holding up her bag. The reporter continues.

"Virginia Potts stated in her press release that you have been working with her and Iron Man in the Union?" the reporter presses on, and Toph looks slightly bewildered where she stands.

"I'm going now." Is all she says before she starts walking away, muttering something that the microphone fails to catch up. The camera and the reporter do follow her.

"Is this a political statement that they are mak-"

Without turning around the teenager reaches a hand out towards the camera, and the image suddenly cuts even as there's a surprised yell from the reporter and some annoyed shouting from the girl.

Back in studio Vanessa turns back to the camera, trying to keep her smile from looking too nervous. "Hopefully we can learn more about this girl in the coming days as the adoption process is finished. One thing is for certain, the Stark family is among the hottest gossip nowadays. Adoption seems to be popular among the stars now, and one can wonder if Pepperony will follow in Brangelina's footsteps by adopting an asian girl. Will they adopt more children after Toffee? This is Vanessa Harrison, I will be back after we review the movies coming to the big screen this week, followed by Keeping up with the Kardashians. Stay tuned!"