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Empty Tidings (Scenesys ID: 1151)
"What are friends for?"
Full Name: Empty Tidings of Brass and Verdigris
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Exalted)
Theme: (OC) Exalted-9999
Function: Distressingly Friendly Loyalist
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Watch (4-Member)
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Other Information
Physical Age: 20-something Actual Age:  ??
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 5'5" Weight: Light
Hair Color: Varies Eye Color: Varies
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWYCS6k1IOA


'Empty Tidings of Brass and Verdigris' is a name to either greet politely or run away from. Once a nobody from An-Teng and now a celebrated Princess of Hell, Empty Tidings is one of those few Exalted chosen to retake the world for its imprisoned creators -- a task she undertakes eagerly, with a surplus of skill and a distinct lack of scruples. Outwardly, Empty Tidings can appear polite, friendly, warm and well-meaning, but her heart has been twisted by her Yozi masters, tainting a compassionate soul into one filled with smothering obsession and mercurial temperament. While capable of disguise and diplomacy alongside bare-knuckle ultraviolence, Empty Tidings' ability to manipulate reality is more impressive, allowing her to both forge and rewrite contracts and agreements of all sorts to her own terrible ends. While not interjecting herself into the lives of beloved friends and hated enemies (categories that appear uncomfortably similar, most days), Empty Tidings searches the Multiverse for allies in her quest to return Creation to the hands of its rightful masters, seeking to overthrow the current order of the world in the process... and she thinks she might have just found the right people to help her do it.



Glimpse the Black Mirror

The Shadow of All Things teaches that to properly oppose an enemy, one must learn to fight as that enemy does.

Power Copy - 2: Empty Tidings is capable of copying the abilities of individuals she has observed. While she may adjust the aesthetic of a copied ability, Empty Tidings cannot directly create light, and instead alters relevant power displays to themes of shadow and darkness, save for incidental light (such as from a copied fireball).

Mirror's Jagged Edge

The Ebon Dragon delights in taking advantage of an enemy's weakness. Empty Tidings prefers to create one where none existed.

Debilitation: Empty Tidings is extremely skilled in making people's lives miserable, debilitating her opponents through spiteful curses of weakness and misfortune, awful poisons created in her own body, or by simply physically crippling her foes with her bare hands.

Disguise: Further, she is able to create illusionary disguises, altering all aspects of her physical appearance. This also allowing her to change the supernatural "flavor" of her powers' aesthetics and leave pre-defined false readings for lesser attempts to scan her or divine her true nature.

Wild Card - 1: Empty Tidings can warp oaths, agreements, or contracts, one parameter at a time, which then applies to all standing iterations of the agreement. She could warp a security card (being a contract of access) to count herself as a valid beneficiary and pass checkpoints and inspections, or alter the terms of an enemy mercenary's contract to fight for her (if she pays), but cannot compel people themselves, so volunteer guards or unorganized highwaymen would not be valid examples. This benefits herself retroactively (she was "always" in on it), but not others.


The Infernal Monster:

Empty Tidings is a master of Infernal Monster Style, a savage form of martial arts intended to create suitably epic monsters to oppose equally legendary heroes.

Weapon Mastery - Hand-to-Hand: Empty Tidings is a master martial artist, specializing in using her fists, feet, and pieces of scenery to brutally grind her opponents into sticky red paste with improvised and excessive levels of ultraviolence.

Superior Strength: Empty Tidings' physical strength is incredible, allowing her to smash down stone walls with her bare hands, crater terrain by plowing her opponents into it, or even fling people absurd distances through the air whether they want her to or not.

Mobility: Empty Tidings is able to traverse all manner of terrain safely, from running up walls to leaping from branch to branch. She's also able to traverse the surface of any liquid, no matter how hazardous, as long as she remains in motion.

Favored of the Ebon Dragon

Empty Tidings serves the Shadow of All Things in a capacity as both diplomat and saboteur.

Wild Card - 2: Debilitation: Empty Tidings can forge supernaturally bindings oaths, where breakers of said oath are afflicted with a pre-agreed curse which levies a form of punishment at least one of the parties involved could inflict at the time of its creation, or else one of her debilitating hexes of misfortune the next five times they engage in dangerous situations.

Entry Methods: Empty Tidings is skilled in infiltration and espionage, encompassing lockpicking, blending in, sabotaging security, etc. She can briefly transform into shadow to slip through cracks, temporarily open man-sized holes in a wall, or (loudly) force open all entryways in a building.

Improbable Defense: Empty Tidings is capable of reflexively dissolving herself and all she carries into tarry, writhing shadows, reforming herself nearby once a threat has passed. Powers and attacks that are explicitly bane to the profane are incapable of being avoided in this manner.

Beloved of Kimbery

Empty Tidings loves the ocean like a creature from its depths, no matter how often the Sea may bring her woe.

Water Functionality: Empty Tidings effectively treats bodies of liquid as air or empty space when upon or submerged in them, turning "swimming" into high speed flight, ignoring hindering resistance or pressure, and allowing things like lighting fires. This incidentally makes tasks like fishing or sailing easier in many cases.

Healing - Self: Her attunement to the root of all seas also allows her to regenerate like something from its depths, recovering from minor wounds quickly and filling major damage with organic matter resembling sea life until it has properly healed later.

Mind Manipulation Empty Tidings can alter emotions in herself and others, turning bonds of love into hate or similarly reversing emotional ties.She can also compel observance of a sort of diplomatic immunity, preventing others from taking hostile action against her and her allies as long as they remain peaceful.

Green Sun Princess

Empty Tidings is a loyal servant of the true masters of Creation, and is blessed with certain advantages as a result.

Wealth: Empty Tidings has amassed a significant amount of wealth through clever sale of black market goods, accumulated tribute, and simple and forceful ill-gotten gain. She is able to draw on it wherever she goes through means both sorcerous and mundane.

Attack List - Ranged: Empty Tidings is capable of doing harm at a distance using conjured means appropriate to her patrons' purviews (such as poison, acid, water, darkness and cold).

Share Powers: Empty Tidings may temporarily share her abilities with her allies when she has some sort of connection to the beneficiary, such as a bond of friendship or previously sworn oath, or with targets of her emotion-twisting toxins.


Lesser Threats Scorned

Some trivialities are too minor for an Infernal Exalted to concern themselves with.

Resistance - Disease: The extreme toxicity of Empty Tidings' blood renders her immune to mundane diseases, though tailored bio-weapons and sorcerous plagues remain a concern.

Resistance - Poison: Empty Tidings' toxic biology similarly provides immunity to non-magical poisons as the lesser substance is simply absorbed harmlessly into the greater.

Low Intake: Finally, by rapidly eroding a nearby corpse into essence-infused breath, Empty Tidings is able to breathe normally in any environment for the span of a day.

The Bureaucrat From Hell

In this case, it's literal.

Skill - Bureaucracy: Empty Tidings is extremely skilled at navigating complex, alien, or even deliberately obtuse or obstructionist bureaucracies with casual ease.

Skill - Linguistics: Empty Tidings' skill in analyzing and manipulating written language (including the ancient or obscure) to decipher meaning and intent, or to create complicated contracts, instructions or even prayers is immense and well-practiced.

Oration: Empty Tidings is well-versed in etiquette, protocol, and courtly behavior, and is a force of personality besides. She is an excellent socialite and has a great deal of experience ingratiating herself with strange or foreign subjects.

Unwoven Coadjutor

Empty Tidings plays host to a minor, bodiless demon that has been shackled to her soul: Three-Part Tragedy, one of the Chrysogonae, or "Crying Women." It occasionally proves useful in supplementing her skills.

NPCs: Empty Tidings is able to call on demonic and mortal minions to perform tasks for her or fight on her behalf (read: die for her amusement). While they are not particularly powerful, Three-Part Tragedy offers her frequent advice in how to best utilize their skills.

Knowledge - Demons: While Empty Tidings is not a savant specializing in esoteric lore, she is well-versed in the nature of the denizens of Hell and of many similar entities that fall into that same category from other worlds. Three-Part Tragedy fills in the gaps in her own knowledge.

Analysis: Three-Part Tragedy grants Empty Tidings the ability to focus on a person in her line of sight and see the presence and details of any sworn oaths and obligation she may then manipulate. Using this power causes her to weep uncontrollably until she stops her examination.

Primordial Reinforcement

Empty Tidings' exposure to the energies of the world's creators have left her more than human.

Extraordinary Senses: Empty Tidings' perceptions are supernaturally acute, allowing her to see through mundane forms of visual impairment (such as darkness or fog).

Agelessness: Empty Tidings is and will remain eternally young and strong... right up until she reaches a point around a century and a half and abruptly drops dead of old age. She is not aware of this particular complication with her longevity.

Resistance - Maiming: Empty Tidings' right hand has been converted into a demonic artifact equivalent, making it functionally indestructible. This quality (and resistance) does not extend further than her elbow.


Epically Overbearing <Trouble>: Empty Tidings is a creature of emotional extremes, growing attached to beloved friends and loathed foes with uncomfortably equal intensity, and with little room for anything in between. Her friends are treated exceptionally well, certainly, but they are expected to go to great lengths to comply with her unreasonable demands on their time, resources and patience. She will often inject herself into their lives without warning, making "helpful" adjustments where she feels they'd be better for it and dealing with perceived problems with all the awful power at her disposal and with little sense for scale or propriety to boot. Those that react to her affections with scorn quickly earn her enmity, flipping her from warm and cloyingly sweet to cold and bitter with equal intensity. After that has happened, she is just as quick to prove that Hell hath no fury like her scorn, derailing her own carefully-crafted plans and processes in favor of vengeance. Empty Tidings assumes friendship until otherwise proven, though she reacts to immediate dismissal somewhat more reasonably than apparent acceptance and then "betrayal," making it a much safer bet not to get involved with her in the first place... but maybe not an easier task.

The Ophidian Urge <Significant>: Empty Tidings is branded with a villainous Urge, a motivation that drives her to serve the goals of her masters. An Ophidian Urge is an urge to corrupt; in her case, to turn the power of those who defend the world against darkness to her service. Acting against this Urge -- for example, by working with do-gooders without taking the opportunity to subvert their goals, or enabling the defeat of a force of darkness rather than strengthening it -- gradually increases the displeasure of her masters until she suffers a punishment known as Torment. When so Tormented, Empty Tidings is stripped of all moral restraint for a full day and forced to engaging in her favorite vices, most commonly those involving the catharsis of unrestrained destruction and violence. The relationships she's built aren't safe from this Torment, as its very nature means that Empty Tidings will undoubtedly wish to drag others along on the ride... a desire she is very capable of fulfilling herself.

Acts of Villainy <Significant>: Empty Tidings is capable of delaying the onset of Torment from her Urge by performing acts of almost stereotypical (or, in the case of the Yozis, one might say "prototypical") villainy. These acts are always in some way detrimental to her own well-being, typically by necessitating she not take the most expedient route to solving a problem or removing a foe from the equation. For example, Empty Tidings may reveal the full scope of her grand plans to a captive audience or leave an enemy dangling on the precipice of a slowly-descending death-trap. She may also deliberately alert her foes to her presence to draw worthy enemies to her, or do something to otherwise show a capable opponent how much she "cares" about their arch-rivalry, such as kidnapping their lover and sending her back to them piece by piece. Leaving a hated foe alive so that they may suffer at her hands another day (rather than dispatching them and removing their interference entirely) will also suffice. Needless to say, taking advantage of her necessarily-villainous acts is the realm of plucky young heroes the world over... much to her chagrin.


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Crimson Tears December 5th, 2019 August Kohler tries to leave, and runs into one last complication... and obligation.
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Never Powerless July 10th, 2018 Empty Tidings meets with a now powerless August Kohler and makes a bargain.
Flowers and Secrets June 19th, 2018 Chasing rumors about demon-pirates and monster-hunters leads to the discovery of a plan of attack.
Lookshy: The Aftermath April 23rd, 2018 Pending
Oh You Can Go Straight To Hell March 24th, 2018 The Watch looks for a way into Malfeas and finds the best path is already blocked.
Good Intentions March 24th, 2018 The Watch returns to the lair of Kinvat, the Threshold's Toil to pay the toll.
The Morning Ends March 10th, 2018 The end of Lumiere's ancient past
Then The Morning Comes (4) March 5th, 2018 Prepared, the party re-enters Lumiere to confront its mysteries
Wounded Deer Stumbles Home February 27th, 2018 Empty Tidings is missing. The Watch picks up a distress signal. Demon hunters get involved.
P:WtWM - Truth-Faker February 17th, 2018 The Pied Piper plays his last tune. Part of the Persona: Were the World Mine plot.
Then The Morning Comes (1) February 2nd, 2018 Just another day in Emblem City.
The Knight of the Round Table Alliance January 26th, 2018 The Watch recruits Krusty of the Round Table Alliance.
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TGSBP: Dancing with Devils January 13th, 2018 The Avenger finally reveals himself, and the Hvergel royal wedding goes up in smoke. Part of The Guilty Shall Be Punished mini-plot.


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