End of Line (Deelel)

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End of Line (Deelel)
Date of Cutscene: 11 December 2016
Location: Afterus
Synopsis: Deelel meets up with Bios, Cashe and Alpha to speak on what to do with the fall of the Union when they get made an offer by an man from the Watch.
Cast of Characters: Deelel

Deelel made her way to Afterus in the wake of helping people flee the doomed headquarters of the Union. She'd lost the way home but she'd been lucky she'd run into Bios, Cashe and Alpha in the main square there and the group of basics took to talking and catching up.

"So the HQ's gone? Glitch it there's goes our support we might still have Kernal's system the Cloud but we'd need to find that and home again."

Deelel sighed at her elder. Alpha was one of the oldest programs on the grid and she valued his insight and she thought for a moment.

"We have to figure out what to do now we're out of support and we're wanted criminals. If we don't get hard proof of what CLU did?"

"Then we ain't going to have Glitch with these Paladins I'm hearing about."

"Exactly that's the problem Alpha, we're criminals to CLU's order so what are we going to do?"

A human wit bright red hair, mirror shades, and an old military Jacket came up to the group of programs.

"Greetings Programs, I have heard that your in quite the fix and I'd like to offer you some help. You'll need to repay but I think? What's the term? The people you'll be working with process like the four of you do. Miss Deelel, Miss Bios, Miss Cashe and Mr. Alpha."

Deelel paused looking at the man for a moment.

"I'm listing, though you have my crews Ids but we don't have yours."

The man grinned widely.

"The name's Fading Suns and I'm here to help, now let's talk shall we? I think your going to find it enlightening."

The human and the four programs headed off to speak and make their choice about what way to go in this world gone mad.