Enter: Clota (Mairead Sandilands)

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Enter: Clota (Mairead Sandilands)
Date of Cutscene: 03 November 2017
Location: IS Academy, Academy Island, Tokyo, Japan
Synopsis: Mairead receives her new IS
Cast of Characters: Mairead Sandilands

At the IS Academy on Academy Island, Orimura Chifuyu and Yamada Maya are standing in one of the launching bays of the Battle Arena as they look at the IS that is currently standing there. "Do you think she will accept it?" asks Yamada as she adjusts her glasses.
"She will, as this is something she has needed since her IS was stolen" comes Orimura response. "She will be happy to be able to do things with the Paladins and we both know she has been depressed" she adds as she walks over to the IS and looks over it.
"Since this is a modified Raphael Revive and has been adjusted accordingly. Plus there are more equalizer slots for addition weapons or other parts. Moreover, there are more weapons than her original IS and it is faster, one of the fastest actually." Yamada explains as Chifuyu nods. ,"Let's make sure Mairead comes her after class and let's surprise her. She did miss her birthday while she was in a coma," Chifuyu adds.
4 Hours Later
Mairead can be seen, walking with Yamada, "If ye do not mind me for asking, why am I being brought here? I have to get me homework done," and Yamada smiles as she looks, "You'll see." and she keeps walking. As they enter the ready area, it is dark and Mairead looks around as she stops and listens, "Yamada-sensei," she asks as she cannot see her. "Yamada-sensei?" she asks a second time as she walks around and as Mairead stops in the middle, she looks around and pulls her sgian dubh and gets ready as the lights come on and blinds her slightly.
Before her, stands Yamada and Orimura-sensei and between them is an IS. "I do not understand," she states to them as she replaces the sgian dubh in its holster. "After the lost of yer IS, we worked on getting you a new one," came Orimura's voice. "And since you did not get a chance to celebrate a birthday this was a good time to give you. This is your new IS and she has no name nor anything else," Chifuyu adds. Mairead just blinks as she listens and walks over slowly, "For me," she says simply as she starts to get tears in her eyes. She cannot believe it that she will have an IS again and that she will be better than before.
Yamada smiles, "We took the info on Emerald Lady that was in the IS database and combined it with a new IS core when we were designing and building the suit. It is based off the Raphael Revive and it is one of the fastest IS'. Additionally, there are more weapons and better defenses than before and the ability to add more expansion slots if need."
Mairead walks over and places a hand on the IS as she closes her eyes and it glows as it starts to climb up her arm and begins to form around her. First, it forms an armlet on her right bicep as he IS Academy Uniform is replaced by the IS Training Suit. Once that is done, the armlet glows as the IS forms around Mairead and she looks at it as she opens her eyes and reads all of the information that the IS is giving her in her mind. "I will name ye Clota, the patron goddess of the River Clyde," she comments and the IS adjust and become lavender in color with violet and gray trim and highlights. As she opens her eyes she looks at the two Sensei and bows before them, "How can I thank ye?" she asks.
"Do your best and always protect people," came Chifuyu's response. "Now go and test her out," she adds as Yamada looks, Additionally, we have assigned 5 students as your support crew and they will be with you to assist you with Clota and anything else they have to do," Mairead nods and smiles. I will not fail ye," she states as she steps onto the launching rails and gets ready, "Clota, launching," she states as the sled moves forward and Mairead rockets off and into the sky.
Looking, the two nod and head to get other paperwork completed.