Family (Mairead Sandilands)

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Family (Mairead Sandilands)
Date of Cutscene: 01 April 2016
Location: IS Academy, Academy Island, Japan
Synopsis: Mairead receives word on an incident and rushes home.
Cast of Characters: Mairead Sandilands

Still adjusting to arriving in the Multiverse, has caused Japan to increase the number of soldiers around Academy Island, home to Academy Town and the IS Academy. The IS Academy has been busy as well, with all the new classes forming involving the Multiverse and the number of first years have increased as many of the third year students have became staff. Those with personal IS', the elite of the elite have also had many additional duties assigned to them. For one, Mairead Sandilands, the IS Representative Cadet / Candidate of Scotland, she has been assigned one of the most difficult jobs, diplomat to the Union. Due to this, she has been busy with the various tasks associated with being a diplomat...well liaison to the Union.

Today, is odd, as she was in class, being a first year student when Chifuyu Orimura, the Homeroom Teacher in Class One, 1st Year Dorm Supervisor is pulled out of class by a member of the IS Academy faculty. As she exits the room, Maya Yamada the Assistant Homeroom Teacher of Chifuyu in Class One pauses as she looks and goes back to teaching the class. Those within Class One do not pay it any mind, as this happens a lot due to the Multiverse and when Chifuyu returns, her face shows determination, yet her eyes shows sadness. Clearing her throat she speaks.

"Time for break," she says simply as everyone looks. Blinking, Chifuyu looks around, "Now, out or it is extra laps around the Academy. This is enough to get everyone moving and as the students leave, they talk to themselves but when looking at Orimura-sensei, they quiet up and exit. As Mairead leaves, Chifuyu stops her, "Mairead," she says and the IS Representative Cadet / Candidate of Scotland stops. Looking at Orimura-sensei she curtsies and says nothing, as she knows that when the teacher speaks, you listen.

Maya looks and starts to leave as well, but is stopped by Chifuyu as she places a hand on her shoulder. "Maya, close the door please and do not leave," she says her voice changing and Maya nods and does as told. Thinking, Maya knows something is not right due to the way she said that and as the door closes, those of Class One move over to the door to listen.

Looking at the two instructors, Mairead thinks, "What is wrong sensei's," she saks them as Maya returns to be next to Chifuyu. "You better sit down Mairead," she begins. Mairead does not move, as she has no reason to sit down just yet. "We have received some troubling news," Chifuyu adds as she looks at Maya. "There has been an incident in Scotland. Your ..." and Chifuyu stops as Mairead speaks.

"What happen sensei. What kind of incident and how are me parents," she asks as she pulls out her cell phone and begins to make a call. Dialing her mother's cell, she waits as she listens to the ring and the phone goes to voice mail. Hanging up, she tries her father ad gets the same thing. "It went to voice mail," she says. "Probably means they did not charge their phones," she adds as Chifuyu looks, "Its not that," and she sighs. "There was an explosion at the government building. Your parents where there when it happened," and she thinks. "Your parents were killed in the explosion," and Mairead looks as she drops her phone and begins to fall to her knees.

Maya rushes over and catches her as she hits the floor. "Are you ok Mairead," Maya asks as Mairead looks up at Chifuyu who is now kneeling next to her. "You have been called back to Scotland due to this and your grades have been frozen for the time. A plane is ready for you and Maya will be accompanying you," she adds as she looks at Maya.

Maya, you are to go and get ready for your trip, no idea how long, but the principle has given you a month, please leave to get yourself ready," and Maya nods as she stands and rushes out the door, closing it and at the same time, crashes into the students outside the door. Chifuyu turns and looks as she the students and a book is thrown at them, flying through the door an hitting five of them on the head, "Everyone has fifteen laps around the training grounds," and the combined moons can be heard as Maya stands up, adjusting her glasses and heading to her room.

Mairead says nothing as she sits and thinks before speaking, "Am I being replaced as the Representative of Scotland Orimura-sensei?" she asks as she looks down at the floor. Chifuyu looks at her, "No, and I will make sure of that," she comments. "Your also the liaison to the Union, and Scotland will be stupid to do something like that," she mentions as she helps Mairead up. "Go get packed, meet Maya at the entrance and remember you have a home here," and Mairead nods as she stands, wiping her face with the sleeve of her uniform as she leaves the class.

"Everyone, get in here now and sit down," is heard from the room as the students rush in and sit at then the door is shut, "So you think it is ok to listen...." can be heard as the door is shutting.... Mairead walks slowly back to her room, numb to everything as she is not ready to return home.