Get It Out Of My System (Gaonoir)

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Get It Out Of My System (Gaonoir)
Date of Cutscene: 09 March 2016
Location: Great Ocean - Southern Loop
Synopsis: Gaonoir has a 'discussion' with one of the few people he can.
Cast of Characters: Gaonoir

You couldn't even really call it an island. It was really just a rocky dome sticking out of the water a few kilometers away from Hikari Seaport. There were a few lit bouys around it so ships didn't run into it, but beyond that, it was barren and unused. So exactly what Gaonoir needed for the time being. Once he set down on the rugged surface he shifted back to his unevolved form, and out of habit took one last look around to make sure he really was alone.

Best to just get this over with.

He made a subtle command gesture and a comm screen, looking all the world for a computer program window floating mid-air, flickered to life behind him. Not that he bothred to turn towards it yet, he didn't need to look in order to know Magnamon was still giving him her best sour look from when he cut her off when she was trying to comm him just before Rei-Go had started. "It is about time you responded, Gaonoir."

No need to look when he could hear the undertone of her otherwise always stoic voice. "It was an important mission," he replied just as flatly. "You've seen my infodumps on the various non-digimon threats I've encountered."

"Yes. Well.. Next time, say more before you go radio silent like that, yes?" Magnamon's image turned to one side a bit to shift one of her other panels off-screen the same way a human secretary would shuffle through papers and switch topics. "I have something else that is important to your endeavo--"

"You knew, didn't you?" Gaonoir cut her off abruptly.

"Come again?" As usual Magnamon sounded a hint annoyed at his cutting her off, but at the same time, it could be because she didn't get what he was referring to.

"You knew." Gaonoir turned his head just enough to glare one eye at the image screen over his shoulder. "What our 'Master' is trying to do..."

The golden helmet covered Magnamon's features but didn't conceal the faintly distressed sigh that escaped her. Like this was something she was expecting. "For the umpteenth computation Gaonoir, I did not know the full extent of the Death-X-Dorugremons either. Even if your comparisons to these other monters you've fought are accura--"

"To hell with the Death-X-mons!" Gaonoir snapped, ni literally barked, as he spun around and shoved a gloved paw to the screen as if he could incrimidatingly jab it directly into Magnamon's armored snout. "You knew what Yggdrassil was trying to do with -me-. The digimon created by the X-Program are just coreless monsters; our so-called GOD could barely do more than turn them loose with little control! And what if more of the Knights felt betrayed like Dukemon did? Yggdrassil didn't want more monsters! He was making something he could -control-. He was making--"

"A weapon," this time Magnamon cut him off solemnly to complete his own statement.

"Yeah. You -did- know, then." At least getting that out of the way seemed to calm the darkened Gaomon down.

"I.. know your assessment between 'monsters' and 'weapons' is accurate," Magnamon replied in her usual stoicness. Though her tone actually softened a bit after that. "You... have experienced a lot that none of us have, Gaonoir. You have perspective not even I do, and I've been monitoring this 'internet' for nearly as long as it has come to exist. It is only fair that you would come to understand somethings in a different light... or darkness, as you may be. But... You still have your purpose as a protector, do you not?"

"Yeah, yeah." Gaonoir stepped back, crossing his arms and snorting, shifting back to his usual demeanor. "I just... Needed to talk. I don't want to burden the Admiral with personal dribble when she's got much bigger concerns to deal with, or ruin Alden's optimistic view of things with my bitter shadows. So... you're really the only person I could vent at, Magnamon... Sorry."

"It's.. understandable." After her last small speech, there was actually a hint of concern to Magnamon's reply. But as usual, it was quickly put back under her stoic sys-op demeanor. There was still something bugging Gaonoir, but after the last outburst, she wasn't going to pry. "Shall we continue?"

".. Oh, yeah, your information. What's up, Magnamon."

"There's been an increasing number of media postings about the various appearances of Digimon," Magnamon flicked up a few smaller screens, not only of previous digimon encounters, but other creatures as well. "And even other monsters, and several theories trying to tie them together. It is a bit hard to hide our presence but it draws extra unwanted attention."

Back to business as always. That actually made Gaonoir smirk a bit despire his dour mood. "Even with my tendancy to cause cameras and other electronics to haywire? Color me impressed."

"Quite. But I have been trying to track down the sources of these data snippets..." By that point Gaonoir was only half-listening as he tended to do. Partially so it was easier to sort out the fluff from the actual information Magnamon had. But also because his own thoughts were still in a bit of a knot. But getting that rant out of his system did make him feel a bit better in the end. And even a little bad for making Magnamon bear the brunt of it.