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Hiromi (Scenesys ID: 7389)
Full Name: Hiromi
Gender: Female
Species: Wolf
Theme: (OC) Original
Function: Unknown
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Concord (4-Partner)
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Other Information
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Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Purple
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A monstrous wolf seized heaven's power with her teeth and ate it. Worshiped as a guardian deity, she took in humans as her pack. Feared as an inhuman tyrant who would depose lords and old gods both, she proved herself, further, an immortal one. Deciding that the problem couldn't be her, as she was martial and social perfection, she concluded it must be humans who weren't measuring up. The only clear and right course was to "fix" humanity and raise them in her own image. Hiromi is a gleefully competitive, overly simple and pragmatic hunter-warrior with no respect for any aspect of civilization past the bonds of family and territory. She takes strength and authority to be one and the same, and is therefore exactly as proud as she is strong. Her seeming inability to die, command of natural earth, and environmental fighting style are all instances of her functionally-divine will enforcing itself on surrounding reality.



The Archwolf:

On ascending the peak, Hiromi became an immortal spirit, but keeps to earthly, physical forms. Reaching the pinnacle of sheer strength, and able to infuse that strength into others, she's developed a fighting style that makes full use of her body and environment. As a wolf, she remains a hunter.

Strength·····: Hiromi has the physical power of a mythic tale, equal to performing feats of strength that lack meaningful limits. She can crater what she strikes, crush what she squeezes, lift what she grabs, and throw it, or herself, to any point in sight. Exceptionally durable, magical materials only take more effort to bend. Earth that shouldn't support the weight of her burdens over the span of her feet still does, and objects that shouldn't maintain their form when lifted by the span of her hands still do, letting her lift ships whole from the sea. Weapon Mastery - Shizendo·····: Meaning "natural path," Hiromi's fighting style emphasizes easy movement, brutal pragmatism, and spontaneous abuse of the environment, briefly conferring power into objects she touches to temporarily raise their status close to her own. There are no weapons, only "sharp things," "hard things," etc. She can intercept bullets with a clay pot, pierce armor with its shards, upturn a cafe table to block magical flames, and parry legendary swords with a street lamp. With empty hands and able legs, she can strike, stab, wrestle, choke, or adopt the full form of a giant wolf to pounce, claw, snap and bite. Speed··, Stealth··, Survival Skills: While an especially impressive endurance hunter, Hiromi possesses the necessary speed, agile flexibility and poise to make graceful use of her strength. She has an instinctive understanding of all aspects of the hunt, from silent stalking, to alertness for eyes and signs that would reveal her, to the decisive leap and neck-breaking. Contracts··, Conveniences: Through mystic ritual, Hiromi can grant a piece of her power to nominally willing recipients. This forms a direct communication channel back to her, can give her vague awareness of the other's physical situation, and can be broken, by her, at the recipient's painful expense.

The Unbroken:

Persevering in her opposition to death until she'd hunted her way to transcendence, Hiromi achieved immortality. Her body is exceptionally resilient, and restores as much of itself as needed to keep fighting. Her will unshakable, unworthy harm is merely ignored.

Toughness···, Regeneration···: Her skin turns lesser blades and shrugs off massed fire without a mark. What does wound her finds what should be crippling, or even immediately fatal, rarely is. So long as she has reserves of spirit remaining, severe wounds swiftly heal until she can ignore them, making up for broken nerves, tendons and organs with force of will. Complete recovery is quick when she doesn't need that energy for fighting. Immortality···: Without completely exhausting her spirit through repeated, fatal damage and seriously grueling, prolonged combat, Hiromi does not stay dead. Her physical form gathers and restores itself in accordance with the self-image in her spiritual core, leaving only those scars that left an impression. Adaptation···, Unlimited Activity, Imperishable: Hiromi no longer requires sleep, food, drink, or air. Her enduring spirit resists harm from environmental extremes, from hard vacuum to ocean depths, and volcanic heat to arctic blizzards. Poisons and transformative effects, such as corruptive miasma and radiation, find her an extremely hard target. Control Immunity···: From her complete, fearless surety in her path, Hiromi possesses an immovable will, effectively preventing unnatural mental influences. Resistance - Toxic·


Domain of Authority:

Hiromi is a war leader, styling herself the alpha of her pack. As the highest expression of "authority" known in her world, she controls others' beliefs regarding correct authorization and legitimate chains of command.

Mind Control···: Hiromi can add or remove firm convictions in the minds of others as to the identity of their rightful authority figures. The afflicted change their opinions on the legitimacy of a claim, and resist both contradicting memories and argument, making up their own justifications to explain their past actions. Their prior king may be painted a usurper, their boss a suspicious impostor, signed orders may be thought to have the wrong signature, or vice versa. Hiromi can enforce short-term obedience to her orders, and make honest and willing oaths of loyalty magically binding. Her orders are always understandable, regardless of her method of communication. NPCs··: Humans trained in the beginning of her martial prowess follow Hiromi, bound in loyalty. There is usually a squad available, useful as hunters, messengers, and stealthy martial artists, and made stronger by Hiromi's direct commands. Knowledge - Tactics·· Communication· Wealth - Concord··

Domain of Earth:

Having graduated from digging dens, the earth beneath her reshapes itself in accordance with Hiromi's commands, lifting, burying, carrying, or giving up its secrets.

Field Shaping···: Earth and unworked stone grow and reform in the area around Hiromi at her direction. She can shape and reshape shelters, tunnels, bridges, hardened fortifications, and intricate stone shapes. Given sufficient time, she can raise or carve through mountains and unearth or bury ruins. Mobility···: Strength·····: Shaping stone beneath her feet lets Hiromi both terraform her own parkour route and surf an extending track, avoiding obstacles and smoothing over rough terrain. Assisted by her strength, she can leap great distances, create her own climbing holds, and redirect herself midair by kicking off freefalling objects. Extraordinary Senses··: Hiromi can search beneath the earth by concentrating on the presence of something she wishes to find, sense the footfalls of distant creatures through her own feet, and smell with as much detailed sensitivity as any other consummate hunter.




Simple Is Best: Hiromi is fundamentally opposed to the common conceptions of "civilization," the historical paradigm of continual progress and learning and transformation that provides overall improvements through novel knowledge and progressively cunning craft. She sees human civilization, specifically, as overwrought, dooming its adherents to pointless suffering for pointless causes. Compassionately, she wishes for people to become more like herself, more "like wolves." This reimagining of an ideal society begins and ends with a handful of simple points, the main principles against which she judges. She not only doesn't understand complex social institutions, but doesn't care to, presuming it beneath notice, and fails to comprehend other perspectives. She's dismissive of macroeconomics, global communication, mass production, occupational hyperspecialization, and any form of bureaucracy, neglecting their potential importance to her plans. The more complex, abstract, and divorced from personal experience something is, the less she understands anyone caring about it, and the more casually she'll break it, only to be surprised when people get upset.

Challenge Accepted: The obvious way to ensure that the strongest rules is to allow for the title to be readily disputed. So long as earnest stakes are prepared, Hiromi is honorbound to accept any challenger. Even if not, and even if the challenge is merely to any of her many points of pride, rather than specifically concerning overall martial ability, Hiromi's personality makes her competitive spirit exceptionally easy to fire up, with a proposal for something "more interesting" far more likely than a refusal. Owing to her great confidence, neither unfair terms nor the suspicion that she's being played are sufficient reason to turn down a contest. Big, obviously dangerous monsters don't even need to ask.

Protecting the Pack: Hiromi's family is primarily adoptive, and joining it is so easy that it might happen without the adoptee's knowledge or consent. Blood relation is no requirement for a protective impulse as much moral imperative as instinct. Not only must family be aided when harmed, and not only must threats be met with crushing force, but it is a personal failure, a mistake of ignorance or of weakness, should one have the means of ensuring their family's safety and fail to do so, a standard to which Hiromi holds others as well as herself.

Raised by Wolves: Her experience with human civilization being limited, and her own world being on the lower end of development by most metrics, Hiromi is mostly unaware of the functioning of modern conveniences, like her own DORADO BLACK "credit card," as well as common social expectations, like "personal space."


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The Wall of Dregs November 21st, 2007 {{{Synopsis}}}


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