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In the late 1980s, as computer technologies began growing in the market, Skaianet became a world leader in the creation of data-based spatial manipulation technologies...

Which was only a prologue to what would happen to ALTERNIA, the homeworld of an aggressive and warlike race of humanoid TROLLS, whose intergalactic empire and internal politics had long since relegated the homeworld to the living space of Troll children and adolescents. During the course of a session of Skaianet's "immersive simulation" game called SBURB, both Alpha and Beta source codes for the game were acquired by the players of Session 412, the Union, and the Confederacy. It was Confederate Inquisitor Nue Houjuu that got ahold of the Alpha version of the game currently held by the Confederacy.

It was the many researchers and nefarious mad scientists of the Confederacy who extrapolated the Alpha source code, delivered to them by Nue Houjuu, into a working Beta and began Alternia's session of SGRUB. Like its counterpart on Homestuck-1's Earth, Sgrub is a game-like mechanism by which a universe sacrifices a populated planet to create a new universe. A variety of new play sessions have begun in Sgrub, with a number of Troll survivors coerced into play by an impending meteor apocalypse. They must fight the dark monarchs and the armies of Derse, as well as their own personal Denizens, to stop the Reckoning that threatens to destroy even this land, and, in the process, hopefully create an entirely new universe. They're not alone, though: They have their Sprites, their friends, and the light army of Prospit to help, and all the weapons they could need through the incredible power of alchemization.

If they're lucky, they might even have their fellow players from the neighboring Sburb to help out. But the game is delicate, and Sgrub was never designed to work with the influences the Multiverse can bring to bear. Like a game that's been glitched or hacked, it may even be harder to finish the game now that so many other worlds can access it...

(OOC Note: This theme is explicitly spun off from events that ICly occurred in Homestuck-1 and the Multiverse. Homestuck-1's session of Sburb, and this theme's session of Sgrub, are loosely connected as such.)