I'm Sorry (Kongou)

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I'm Sorry (Kongou)
Date of Cutscene: 11 November 2014
Location: Njorun Medical
Synopsis: After recovering, Kongou issues a silent apology for her behavior as Ko-class, then confers with her Kanmusu leaders about what she should do now.
Cast of Characters: 637


Blue eyes slip open, staring at the simple white ceiling. After a few moments, Kongou pushes the covers down and sits up, gaze wandering across the Spartan furnishings. Memories flicker through her mind. Vivid, sharp images of a man in a naval uniform, a smile on his face, his hand resting fondly on the console containing the helm's wheel.

I always tried my hardest for you. And you did the same for me.

Swinging her legs off the bed, Kongou takes to her feet, wandering across the room to the window overlooking the Skygarden. Slowly, she raises a hand to rest upon the glass. As the memories delve deeper, tears well up at the corners of her eyes.

I'm so sorry.
For a time, I... I forgot...all that you had done for me.
I forgot what I meant to you.
That you wouldn't let me go into the darkness all alone.

Eyes closing, Kongou lifts her other hand to wipe away the tears with one sleeve. Once it's lowered, those eyes open and she smiles.

I won't forget that love you've shown me, Admiral.
And I'll remind them, too.

The girl nods once, firmly, then turns her back to the window, hands resting on her hips. The golden antennae on her headband swivel slightly, her eyes wandering up as if in thought.

"(Hello, Hello!)"
"A new girl has arrived, hmm? Come on, then."
"How unusual that you would appear without us being aware of it."
"It's me, the English-born returnee, Kongou! It seems I've become separated from the fleet? But the Admiral here is strong, too."
"Interesting. Maintain your position. Aid them as best you can. For now, you shall act as our liason."
"Oh ho? Assigning a mission like that to someone so fresh? That's unlike you, Nagato."
"We're hardly in a position to assign someone else. Kongou, I'm leaving this in your hands. Report anything of consequence."
"(You Got It!) I'll show you what I can do!"

The antennae swivel back to a regular position and the girl grins. Working for a strong leader, this is looking up already!

"If they're the ones that brought her to her senses, they'll figure it out sooner rather than later."
"That's fine. It may help us, in the end."
"For now, we'll evaluate their intentions and abilities."
"We're in agreement, then."