ICorrupt Everything (Marrik)

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ICorrupt Everything (Marrik)
Date of Cutscene: 30 September 2014
Location: Nyahmaas
Synopsis: A villager's efforts at sending word to the outside has been discovered.
Cast of Characters:


It used to be a nice place where not much happened and they grew things like Sheep and Kudzu alongside having a minor distinction in having last year's minor division champion Rounders team. Not a lot happened here because there really wasn't much reason due to it bring in badlands country so close to the edge of things next to nobody cared it existed. Yet it had endured and its people had proven stubborn enough nothing would move them, not even the world upheaval and the unification into the Multiverse.

Now? It was like an armed camp. Men and women trained with inhuman enthusiasm daily for eight hours. Children were almost nonexistent, and the ones that were left trained alongside the adults. Plows and shovels and all manner of other equipment were reforged into weapons. The only ones here that did not train were a single man in ragged green robes and an unnaturally large wolf that eyed the villagers like a person might eye their cupboards.

"Soon old friend," The man patted the horse sized wolf's neck. "We need them." As man and wolf walked the man spoke, "Soon we will not and they will be culled like all the other broken things of this world." Both stopped at a slightly overweight man that had just used wind to blow a straw dummy against the town's wall. "David." His voice held neither praise nor scorn when he called for the man.

"Yes Lord?" David turned and even though he looked at the man's face he could not meet the now black eyes that looked back at him.

"I want you to explain something to me." The man motioned the wolf to lay down, and only after the great beast did so did he continue. "Johann tells me the post office has been used." His careful neutral voice never raised as he spoke. "You are the only one that knows how to work the equipment there."

David swallowed, still unable to meet the man's eyes. "I-I… I thought if they lost contact completely Beltine and Sanction might g-grow," another dry swallow as David fidgeted, "worried and send people."

The man frowned, ice creeping into his voice, "Did it not occur to think we would be seen as lost in this Unification like so much empty land?" David tried to stammer out an explanation only to have his words, and air, cut off by the man wrapping magic around his throat. "No, I do not think you are as committed to the Cause as you say." He reached over to grab David by the collar before pushing the body away leaving the man's spirit in his still clinched hand. "No matter. As the leaves fall to nourish the ground without thinking or caring your call to the outside will only give us proper soldiers to carry forward with.

Magic twined around and through the spirit that was David Smith and bound him to the man as the wolf got up to carry the body off for its own needs.%r%t"Outsiders then." The man's voice was ice cold even as he flung David's spirit to the top of the meeting house at the center of town. "Keep watch!" He commanded as David was stitched in place alongside a dozen others who had defied the man's will. "Give us warning when others come! That is your task now. The sole reason I shall continue to allow you to tarry on."

With that the man walked on. There would be much that had to be done and voices whispered he had so very little time.