In The Library (Magister Twilight)

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In The Library (Magister Twilight)
Date of Cutscene: 27 June 2014
Location: Divided Equestria
Synopsis: Twilight Sparkle does what she does best: research.
Cast of Characters: 475
Tinyplot: None

Book stacks atop book, each one pulled down, flipped through with an aura of purplish telekinesis, then set aside or reshelved as needed. The clatter was not really that loud, but in the normal silence of the library it was almost deafening. It was, after all, the Archmagister's private library. No others were here.

Which made it a safe place for secrets.

"I thought you were going to stay away from necromancy, after what happened with the stampede last year," the quiet male voice notes.

Twilight pauses in her frenzied shuffling about, glancing at the translucent spirit floating in the corner. The unicorn was in his pony form, but his famous beard was barely a bit of deeper fuzz around his muzzle. Twilight would always find the actual appearance of her former hero a little jarring, with that lack of beard.

"These are not for researching a spell, Star Swirl," Twilight replies as she resumes her search. "I'm looking for more information on possession and spirits."


As usual, Twilight rambles on with her thought process. It's not as if Star Swirl's ghost will reveal her secrets. "Someone claimed to be Pinkie, and had her memories. But that's impossible. I tried to contact her ghost, you know this... and the real Pinkie Pie died long ago. Perhaps I should be looking into mind reading... but over radio? No... necromancy is likely, right?"

Gently, Star Swirl suggests, "The Element of Laughter is certainly a spirit with an unfinished tale, don't you think? Quite the common trait of a ghost. It really is a pity, her tragic death for nothing."

That got Twilight's attention, the books halting in midair, then all three that were suspended lowering down to settle on tables. In humanoid form, Twilight turns to glare at the spirit she has bound in her chambers. Softly, "That was uncalled for. I did the best that I could. If Pinkie's heart were not in it, the consequences aren't mine."

"And who rushed the process, coaxing her into it so that her heart would not be fully devoted to the idea?"

Twilight stares... and then turns around, resuming her search with a slightly less frantic pace. "Advancement cannot be done without risks. It is regrettable, but unavoidable at times. Pinkie Pie is gone, I dealt with that long ago. Stop trying to confuse the issue. What I need now is to make sure she stays gone."

Now the concern and curiosity in Star Swirl's voice was more obvious, not that the obsessive Archmagister would notice. "Why is that? Shouldn't you be cheered that the Element of Laughter has returned?"

Twilight shakes her head as she flips through another book. "No, of course not. If it is someone pretending to be Pinkie, they have access to all her memories... including secrets about me, about us, that should stay buried. It can't be possession, do you really think Pinkie Pie would take over another's body? Which leaves either the ghost theory of before, or... an undead."

The book snaps shut. "If it is the former, I need to capture her spirit and find out what happened. Maybe I can understand why the transformation failed, why she was the one to die."

"And the latter?"

Quietly, "There is really only one treatment for the undead."