Inevitable (Allo)

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Inevitable (Allo)
Date of Cutscene: 12 April 2015
Location: Reptilon
Synopsis: The Dinosaucers reflect on the way certain situations are going with the Neo-Sayains.
Cast of Characters: 724

"It's inevitable. The Tyrannos are too proud. Rex is too proud, even if he means well for our planet as a whole, it's go--"

"Fern tea, sir?" Allo was briefly interrupted by the warm steaming cup being passed into his claws, and looked up for a moment to the crocadillian-like female that had handed it to him. With the truce wearing on and growing thinner by the day, he had brought his wife, daughter and their housekeeper up to the carrier ship. If the situation with the Neo-Saiyans did turn into a full scaled war, Bonehead had orders to take them, take his ship, and leave. Find somewhere in the Multiverse to hide until it was over. Vera would otherwise be a target as the wife of a leader, but if she wasn't on Reptilion they would have no reason to focus on her. They were Bonehead's relatives too, being his nephew, so Allo knew it would a task even the overeager and sometimes bumbling young soldier would follow. If he takes his mother as well, most of Allo's living family that wasn't in the military or government would be safe from the conflict.

It was the one small consolation he made for himself in a brewing war he had to fight for his people.

"Thank you, Gator Maid," Allo replied after the brief reflection, smiling up at her. Then turned his attention back to the matter at hand as she shuffled around the table to offer refreshments to the other Dinosaucers as well. "As I was saying, it's going to happen. Genghis Rex may be fighting beside us for Reptilon, but he wants to prove himself and the Tyrannos to the rest of their elders. That he's not just their king because he was the male sibling."

"If he don't do it," Brontothunder replied with a snort, "He'll make Braicho do it. Ruler has right to decree a champion to fight in his stead. And as jerk as he's been, this Kakarot fella seems like the sort that would honor that rule, as long as he's getting a good fight out of it."

"Brontothunder's right." Dimentro looked up from the device he had been tinkering with in his claws out of habit, leaving the portable soldering wand to float in front of him with several other small tools on anti-gravity emitters. "An regardless of which o' the lads fights inna end, he's got his scientists to back him up." Dimentro ignored the sour glare he got from Tricero for even referencing Styraco's presence. "Plus his Confederate allies. We sill don't know all they're capable of, either."

Tricero just nodded in reluctant agreement with that. He had showed Dimentro the part of the Triceracop's report from the lab incident that had some details about the robotic ceratopsian one of the Confederates had used. To which the engineer had replied 'It's no bigger than one of us, but it's armed like one of our ships!'. And Dimentro wasn't easy to awe when it came to engineering.

Teryx had remained quiet, trying not to show that she was worried about Rex going into such a fight on his own. But Allo could see it, it was clear in her eyes. Even if she didn't feel romantically towards him anymore, she still considered him a friend when she could, if not a long lost and wayward one.

"Kakarot has been humoring us." Allo pushed himself up from the tableside, emphasizing the seriousness of the matter with his words. "He's been amused by our efforts to prepare, by the challenges that have or will be thrown at him to test his strength. Whe he is no longer entertained..."

The pause in his statement, and the ominous way it hung in the air for a few moments with all the implications, said more than any of his attempts at a speech would. "... Is when the real war will begin."