Into the Depths (Genghis Rex)

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Into the Depths (Genghis Rex)
Date of Cutscene: 24 April 2015
Location: Reptilon - Freeport Bay
Synopsis: Icthy and Plesio seek help from an unlikely source.
Thanks to: Serori Allo
Cast of Characters: 114
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

Alexis stood on the Freeport dock, her cloak wrapped tightly around her and her hood pulled over her plated head. She idly flicked her tail as the watched the grey waves turn over the undulating the chaotic mess that was the once proud seaport. The weather matched her mood, dark and dreary and ready to storm.

Her husband had gone missing in the initial attack on Freeport, his ship having gone down at sea. He was a strong swimmer, and crabbing was how he made his living, but the seas of Reptilon were dangerous and the things that lived in them were fierce and unpredictable. However, she wouldn't give up hope until his cold dead body was laid out in front of her ... he was goofy, undersized, and a little naive, but Stiletto was a survivor ...

"Hex, is that you?" a friendly young voice broke her out of her thoughts.

She turned, pulling her tail under her cloak instinctively. She and her father were the only Stegosauruses in Freeport who had five spikes on their tails, rather than the more common four, which is where the ornery old chieftain got his name. She glanced over the tall, dark skinned Ichthyosaurus who spoke to her in a chipper tone with bright eyes.

"Dad stayed in" she said, pulling the corners of her beak up into a wry smirk, "... knee's bothering him, there's a storm coming."

"You said it!" Icthy said, eyeing the churning debris-filled water, "So ... umm, are you sure about this?"

Lex shrugged, pointing at the water, "Nergill's down there now. And No, I'm not sure about it ... the guy's a psychotops and can pretty much turn on you at the drop of a hat ... but hey, as far as I know, he hasn't eaten anyone lately."

The pink skinned Plesio stepped up behind Icthy, nodding to Lex, "The chieftain'sssss daughter. A pleassssure."

Lex rolled her eyes, then turned back to Icthy, "I suppose it's a good thing you brought somebody to watch your back ... it's too bad that this was the best you could find."

Plesio hrumphed, "Hey! We're trying to ssssave a world here, let'sss ressssserve the backbiting for another time!"

Lex folded her arms, giving Plesio a hard look, trying her best to stare him out of existence.

Icthy waved a webbed claw, "Well, THAT didn't take long! Do I REALLY need to break you two up, or can we just get on with this?"

Lex nodded to Icthy, then softened her burning glare at Plesio by a good half of a percent. Plesio just shook his head.

Icthy stepped to the edge of the dock and looked down, the churling maelstrom below him stared back soulessly, while Plesio snaked his head over the Dinosaucer's shoulder, "A bit ominoussssss down there ..."

The stegosaurus pushed past them and started making her way up the dock, "Well, you three work it out. Hope you make it back with all of your limbs."

The Dinosaucer cocked his head at Lex, "You're not going with?"

Lex chuckled, "I don't swim ... and find the company of cannibals a little unnerving. You two enjoy yourselves though!"

Ichty frowned as Lex walked away, then swung his pyramid-like head toward the water, "Well, he's not gonna wait forever, now, is he?"

"Indeed!" Plesio said before unceremoniously shoving Icthy off the side of the dock.

The shock of the sudden temperature change shot through Icthy like a bolt of lightning. He gritted his teeth and opened his gills, allowing the sea to flow through them, taking in the rich water and trying to relax as his body became accustomed to the water temperature. He now had ANOTHER reason to dislike the Tyranno Scientist, not that he didn't have enough already ...

A splash above him signaled the Tyranno's entry into the water, causing Icthy to instinctively look up. It was dark. Very dark. The debris and fading sunlight bathed the entire area in an inky blackness that was the perfect hunting ground for a waterborne predator.

Icthy flicked on the lights built into his suit, while Plesio did the same. The two dinosaurs swam down until the hit the muddy bottom of the bay, setting foot on it as if it were dry land.

"I don't ssssssee him" Plesio burbled.

"I don't see anything" Icthy gurgled, darting his head around.

"Did you bring them?" a deep hollow voice crept from the blackness.

Icthy and Plesio both turned their lights to the direction of the voice. A HUGE torpedo shaped form hung in the water just at the edge of their lights. It had two webbed arms and feet and even in the shallow light boasted a hulking physique of a creature of raw unmitigated power.

"Nnnn ... Nergill?" Icthy stammered at the shape.

"I am. I ask AGAIN, Tadpole, did you bring them?" the voice snapped.

Plesio unslung a bulging satchel from his shoulder. The bumpy exterior suggested that it was stuffed with several small items. "We need to know that you're going to help usssss. We require assssssurancesssss ..."

"I grow bored ..." the voice rumbled, the shape clenching its massive fists.

Icthy jerked his head to Plesio, "Just give him the Dinovolvers before he eats us!"

Plesio's voice died in his throat as he started to protest when, "I grow hungry ..." rumbled through the water at the two of them.

In a fit of panic, Plesio tossed the satchel toward the shape, which didn't amount to much underwater, but as the bag lost momentum and started to sink, there was a sudden, blinding flash of silver, and suddenly both the bag and the shape were gone.

Icthy nodded, his face lost in amazement, "Let's get the hell out of here ..."

Plesio emphatically agreed.