KAIBA CORP Presents...! (Mister Satan (TP))

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KAIBA CORP Presents...! (Mister Satan (TP))
Date of Cutscene: 21 October 2015
Synopsis: WMAT commercial for Kaiba's sponsorship.
Thanks to: Seto Kaiba
Cast of Characters:
Tinyplot: WMAT 2015

A white-scaled dragon roars its way across the screen, chased by a burst of blue energy! Just as the sparks start to fade, another monster wreathed in purple flame claws into view, snarling out a vicious display of fangs and claws. It's chased off screen by a burst of yellow, glittering light that emanates from the center of a magical circle of red runes! "DUEL MONSTERS!" a woman cries, and the screen is taken over by a masculine hand grasping a fan of playing cards, each emblazoned with various images and stats corresponding to their ludicrous titles.


Energetic music continues to pulse along in time to the woman's continued voice-over. Two competitors stand at opposite ends of an arena suspended among the stars, summoning creatures from their Duel Disks and doing battle. "Kaiba Corporation presents DUEL MONSTERS, a game so close to reality, your life will never be the same. Wield your very own Duel Disk against the competition, summon monsters and spells from your cards, and you, too, can become a champion!"

"This year, champions of the World Martial Arts Tournament shall receive their very own decks and Duel Disks, so that the glory they earned in these arenas can be experienced again and again. Each WMAT Championship Deck is a rare commodity built around a powerful theme! For Bracket A, the icy penguin deck, designed to freeze out the competition; for Bracket B, the spellcasters deck, designed to mesmerize and blast away other duelists; and for Bracket C, the dragon deck, built for destruction!"

Examples of the decks in action appear on screen as each deck is described. Even the harmless-sounding penguin deck unleashes a terrific blizzard that leads the opposition into quick surrender! Of course, the spellcasters deck looks impressive in its own way, but most viewers will find the dragon deck the most impressive and terrifying of all. The Blue Eyes White Dragon returns to roar at the screen!

"DUEL MONSTERS -- not for the faint of heart."