Late Night Tinkering (Rocket)

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Late Night Tinkering (Rocket)
Date of Cutscene: 25 May 2015
Location: The Rack 'n' Ruin
Synopsis: Rocket thinks he has stopped his scanner's nagging and his failure is observed by Groot
Cast of Characters: 781

Time: Oh-Dark-Thirty as some would say

Location: The Sickbay on the "Rack 'n' Ruin"

The lights are dim in the sickbay and Rocket is bent over the examination chair which has been folded down into its operation table mode and is serving as a workbench. He is wearing a surgeon's mask over his muzzle and magnifying goggles over his eyes as he works on his Timely Inc. Mailroom Scanner which lies open on the table in front of him. His toolkit lies open at one end of the table and he is prodding at the innards of the scanner with a probe while holding a pistol-like soldering gun in his other hand.

With a soft hiss the door to the sickbay opens and Groot steps into the room, ducking his head to keep from slamming into the upper edge of the doorway; his entrance causes the lighting to intensify automatically. "I am Groot," ((Rocket, have you been up all night at that?)) he asks his friend.

Rocket looks up, his eyes magnified to twice their normal size by the goggles and blinks blearily at the increased brightness. "I think I got it, Groot," he says with a blend of exhaustion and exhilaration in his voice. "I think I cut off that never ending nagging," he clarifies as he sets down the soldering gun and uses the probe to close the scanner's access panel with a soft snap.

"I am Groot?" ((I know how that will satisfy you, my friend, but should you not have gotten some sleep?)) Sometimes Groot's concern for Rocket comes across as nagging also. It is times like this that Rocket is glad that so few -- if any -- others can understand his friend. Rocket proceeds to pick the scanner up after putting the tools back into the kit and speaks at it: "Voice Command: Activate."

"/Activating,/" says the slightly tinny voice of the scanner and Rocket's excitement grows in a way anyone observing him could clearly see as he waits for the voice to ask for another command...

"/I am the property of Timely Inc. Mail Divis-.../"

Rocket's frustrated scream drowns out the device's demand to be returned and is followed by a saddened whimper when, after his scream ends, the device asks, "/How may I assist you?/" in that slightly condescending way it can when it feels it is being ignored.