League Judgement: Ahri

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League Judgement: Ahri
Date of Cutscene: 13 July 2014
Location: The Institute Of War
Synopsis: Ahri is summoned to the Reflection Chamber
Cast of Characters: Ahri


As Ahri enters the great hall, its clear that she's made progress on her quest for humanity. Her strides toward the doors are steady and confident. The tails behind her seem to blend into one before she pauses at the door, the nine of them fanning out for a moment as she considers the entrance. She seems to doubt any danger lies beyond. The flames so often seen along her tails aren't visible to anyone looking toward her. Ahri had only heard about this place from other champions but had never considered it herself. The shimmer of her Spirit Orb in its dormant state seems to calm any thoughts of doubt before Ahri pushes through the doors and into the Reflecting Chamber beyond.


The clean air of a distant town, the bustling plaza at the center of the village. All manner of people were coming and going while stall merchants vie for the villager's attention. Some came to sell food, others to sell clothes, even weapons and potions were available in the square. The one thing Ahri wanted from here wasn't sold in by the vendors. The sight of one of the salesmen closing the window to their stall caught her attention. Hurried steps carried the woman toward its rear entrance, catching the gaze of the shop owner as he closed the door. While he was curious at first, the sudden strike of Ahri's Spirit Orb against his temple caught him completely off guard, no chance to cry for help given. With her conscience screaming against it, the energy swarming around Ahri's Spirit Orb would change to green before drawing a portion of the man's energy from him. Even her expression showed how much she wished this wasn't happening, but her nature demanded it. She was starving at this point, she needed a hold over. She needed just a -small- meal. . . that's all. She'd go back on the road and find bandits after this.

Later, the square was empty. Night had fallen and the merchants and all the villagers had retreated indoors. They had run long before the sun had gone down after the man was found. He wasn't dead, but he was disoriented. He didn't get a good look at Ahri before he had been knocked out, which was the only reason she was able to stay in town. With the village center empty, there wasn't a lot to do. No people to talk to, no one to see, just Ahri alone with her thoughts. She took a seat on the fountain in the town center with a sigh. The Spirit Orb, just a small gemstone against her neck now, is given a glance as she takes it between two fingers. Everytime she used it that way, it was in desperation. Everytime she used it that way, it ended in frustration and isolation.

She remembered that day so well. A robbed man would approach a moment later, taking a seat to her side. He looked so much like the first man she had fed on so long ago that it was eerie. "Life is not so black and white. You will learn, in time, Ahri. The League will give you another way to move forward, so long as you still want to do so. Becoming more human is not always joy. There is anger, rage, and sadness to experience as well. Will you continue?"

Without missing a beat, "I would have it no other way."