Love You and Leave You (Ren Tanaka)

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Love You and Leave You (Ren Tanaka)
Date of Cutscene: 25 July 2015
Location: Paris, France
Synopsis: Another scene from the life of... Ren Tanaka?
Cast of Characters: 165

He has always been walking down the road by himself.

The traveller people call 'Ren Tanaka' has been sitting around, at a time something like last week, pondering to himself. For some reason, he's been flipping a card with the details of Tomoyo's boutique in his fingers, over and over, sat in a paris cafe, not having ordered anything. Just flipping.

He's spent a very long time travelling on his own, and he has never made lasting relationships. He tends to drift out of town or out of the community as soon as the latest scrape he's found himself in is over, as soon as the adventure has finished, as soon as the danger is over. He leaves, and he never sees anyone again.

He's met this girl more than once. Already, she's exceptional.

But he really should stop. He should walk away and she should never see him again, because that has been his way.

So why is he about to go to Tomoeda, to KaibaLand, to investigate evil deeds on behalf of her and hers? What drives him to do this?

He doesn't know. He doesn't know why Tomoyo Daidouji interests him.

He leaves without ordering anything, and he doesn't know why.