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This is a file pertaining to Multiverse Crisis MUSH's policies surrounding original mash-up themelistings. A mash-up themelist is a themelist that contains numerous properties, in the image of Kingdom Hearts, Fables, Super Robot Wars / Taisen, etc.

  • Original mash-up themes are Restricted, and are required to add the Restriction questionnaire from the pertinent wiki page to their applications.
  • The individual submitting the themelist is required, in addition to an actual +themelist, to (preferably in the space below the themelist entry in the application) list each source material attached to their theme listing and explain how they fit together.
  • Original mash-up themes are required to be sensible to fit together. Dragon Ball, Naruto, and One Piece all occupy the same genre and tone band; it's not hard to imagine these casts co-existing, but Death Note would be jarringly out-of-place.
  • Mash-ups are not an excuse for characters to simply be Better than they are in their original properties, or to slide into the gimmicks of other characters. It's acceptable to give things to secondary or tertiary characters that otherwise "have nothing" (like Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura), and it's acceptable to make FCs different but not more powerful. If for example there was a Naruto-Dragon Ball crossover it would be acceptable for Sasuke to become a student of the Crane Hermit (instead of Orochimaru) to obtain power, but not acceptable for him to do both. This means that the vast majority of acceptable mash-up theme twists on a character take the form of substitutions, connections, or unifying themes, and are almost never additive." with exemplifying "For instance, in a hypothetical Dragon Ball/Naruto/One Piece mash-up, the Sharingan might secretly be a mutation induced by a Devil Fruit and passed down for generations, or an original Sasuke may fail to awaken his Sharingan and instead bite a Devil Fruit for the power necessary to retain his role, but under no circumstance would a Sasuke simply have both power paths of the Sharingan and Devil Fruit.
    • Likewise, Mash-ups are not an excuse for OCs with Ultimate Anime Hero power stacking; Mash-up themes serve the role of promoting a community atmosphere and a shared environment for roleplayers to rub their favorite medias on each other, not staple new 'native to theme' powers to their favored characters.