Memories (Tomoe)

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Memories (Tomoe)
Date of Cutscene: 01 February 2017
Location: Japan- SAO - Earth
Synopsis: Tomoe goes to pay her respects to a friend who didn't make it out of SAO alive and runs into one who did coming to do the same.
Cast of Characters: Tomoe


Sheena Armstrong not Tomoe the Iron Lily or Eisen was out about in japan it was quiet winter day a she stood over the grave and looked at the name carved into the stone.

She lit some incense and knelt down.

"Hey it's me, Don't think I have forgot about you with everything that's happened. You were the first person ever really gave me a chance here...and your the one I wasn't able to protect. Yet? You know I don't go day with out thinking about it. The universes turned on it's head again..."

While she talked she wasn't sure why she did this? But given the multivese maybe? Mai's aware of this somehow?

Some time ago the day the Death Game Started The Gaming club

Mai and the rest of the club was excited you could feel it in the air a full on VR gaming? They'd managed to score clients for /everyone/ and school had been talked into letting them use the lab for this. Though the Computer Teacher who over saw the class had asked to get a try later as well to experience the new technology. Even the Exchange student known as Sheena Armstrong the tall redhead was part of an exchange program which had her in Japan for the next year or so.

"All right we have all the machines set up. Did someone get the blue mats? Armstrong do you have it ready?"

Sheena called out "I got them right here, lets get them set up and get to playing It should be fun, my old man's going to be jealous as hell that he missed this!"

"Oh why is that?"

"He's been playing since the days of Forever Quest and hell I half think he was the punk who tried to take out Lord British. Okay I'm being silly with the latter but he's been playing games like this since before her met my mom."

"Really Armstrong?"

"Totally! Come on it's about time to get on and don't worry I got food ordered and it's here all ready. Don't worry I have warmers so we can just up and take a break later!"

"Pizza again?!"

"Yes what's wrong it's traditional American Gamer Chow!"

Mia laughed at Sheena who was making a hell of a silly face.

"HA! Come on let's get jacked in, it's time to see this world of swords."

"Your right Armstrong this is a once in a life time adventure."

"Oh come on we're just going to be in there for a while, right? It's not like we're going to get more than the weekend at best!"

Today the Grave Yard

"I still think about the day we logged in, it was magical till the announcement... wasn't it? In the end it was my reputation that got you killed that made Yuu suffer... like they did, it's all my fault still I ..."

Foot falls could be heard as another person was arriving, Sheena thought it was odd given cold snowy weather. Sheena shot up right like a shot when she saw who it was. It was Yuu, she stared for a moment their eyes locked for a second in shock.

"I didn't think..."

"That anyone else would come today to her grave?"

"That's it and ... it's good to see you."

Yuu paused for a moment looking Sheena over noticing the jacket she wore with the GU logo on it her raised and eyebrow and took a neutral expression as he looked at his friend for a moment. Yes she was still a friend wasn't she?

"Your still playing games like SAO aren't you? I don't think you ever got out of the castle..."

"None of us ever really stop lookng for our swors. I see that you keep looking for your sword don't you?"

He paused for a moment and frowned as it hit him Sheena was right about it, she had become a clearer she'd left the guild the Gaming Club had formed to go join one of the bigger ones in the alliance. Though he hadn’t been idle those who had survived they did the almost thankless task of gathering materials for the crafters who kept the Assault Team supplied. Sheena had been like that but after Mai died? She changed and thrust herself in the line of fire on others. He looked to his shoulder where he still expected his two handed sword to be but Night's Sky was not there.

"Your right...hey? Your still in contact with a lot of the Assault Team still right?"

"I am, I was going to head to Dicey's to meet up with a few. Thinker and Yuler are in town and wanted to catch up with a few. Why don't you join the party. You /did/ help keep us well stocked didn't you?"

"I ..."

"Oh come on you know Thinker and Yuler got married right come on catch up you owe them an over do... Congra... well wishing!"

Yuu laughed but then again who survived SAO had any love for the C word? He went to pay his respects to Mai.

"So you still seeing that guy?"

"Totally, and you know you never met Andrew's wife now have you? She could give the Beater a run for his money in a duel..."

"Your kidding me..."


Their respects paid the pair went to catch a Bus down to the Dicey, the world might not be real to some but that castle was real as the people who were in it. The two talking and swapping stories all the way.