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Mercy (Scenesys ID: 1159)
We are compassion.
Full Name: Angela Zeigler
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Overwatch-1
Function: Guardian Angel
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Paladins (2-Chevalier)
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Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-Twenties Actual Age: 37
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Lucie Pohl
Height: 1.7 m / 5'7" Weight: {{{Weight}}}
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
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Mercy is the name of a internationally known humanitarian healer, a doctor and surgeon of extraordinary skill in a world full of other extraordinary people. Mercy is the alias of Angela Ziegler, a stalwart woman with a reputation for protecting those that cannot protect themselves, and the fact that anywhere she is needed, she will be there. Angela was contracted by the now defunct Overwatch agency, fighting alongside the other heroes of that era and given the code name 'Mercy'. Protected and assisted in her fight to keep the heroes of the world alive with the aid of a combat suit known as Valkyrie, she used science and her own medical knowledge on and off the field to keep her allies alive. Mercy is known internationally for being the only person in her world able to bring back people from death. Her pacifism and lack of actual combat skill, however, notably mark her as an imperfect angel.



Guardian Angel: Resurrection: Mercy is capable of utilizing her own knowledge of the body and restoring beings to life. She has to be within thirty meters of the remains, but does not need to be able to see the remains directly. People revived by Mercy are restored to full health.

Doctor: Healing (Others): Mercy is a doctor, capable of healing people through normal means, as well as using her amplified staff and skills to heal people more rapidly in the field. Buffs: Mercy is capable of changing the biotic stream she uses to heal her allies into a buffing stream. She specifically buffs up their damage capability in combat. Cure: Mercy has undergone significant training and is capable of diagnosing most basic illnesses and afflictions quickly, and even more major or obscure ones with very little work. Due to her understanding of the illnesses, she is able to even quickly come up with solutions to them, even in situations where she does not have access to her normal medical supplies.


Ph.D Skill - Surgery: For a doctor, Mercy is a extraordinary surgeon, capable of doing even the most tricky surgical procedures with ease, even able to restore a nearly dead man back to life through the use of her surgical skills and knowledge of nanotechnology. Knowledge - Medicine: Mercy went to school to learn how to understand the human body, allowing her to diagnose medical issues and determine the correct way of dealing with the damage that incurred. Healing (Self): Mercy has tweaked her own biology in order to allow herself to regenerate her own health at combat-speed levels.

Valkyrie Suit: Flight: While wearing the Valkyrie suit, Mercy is capable of taking flight. She can fly in atmosphere, but not in space. Environmental Protection: The Valkyrie suit grants Mercy protection against extreme temperatures and crushing pressure.

Overwatch Agent: Weapon Mastery - Handguns, Incapacitaton: Mercy is trained in basic firearms combat. She primarily utilizes a non-lethal stun-gun in combat, but can use other small-caliber guns if absolutely necessary. Weapon Mastery - Quarterstaff: Mercy additionally is trained in combat using her staff as a proper quarterstaff. She's very good at blocking basic melee attacks and whacking people with the staff.


Applied Medicine: Agelessness: Mercy has tweaked her own biology to allow her to, bar major injury or strain, live forever.

Learned Skills: Survival Skills: Mercy has the ability to survive in war zones for an extended period of time, able to keep herself safe, and as well as see to her basic needs in the process.


First Do No Harm <DEFINING>: Mercy strongly believes that nearly everyone is capable of redeeming themselves, and thus deserving of a second chance. She firmly promotes defeating villians without killing them, to the point where she attempts to convince her allies not to resort to it whenever she can. Even with those that most people would consider "evil", she does her best to ensure they recover from their injuries with her healing. She'll even go as far as to use her ability to resurrect people on a slain villain if she believes that they can turn over a new leaf. This is a bar that is easy to clear, unless said villian was consistently involved in exceptionally extensive cruelty towards civilians, or intentionally killed civilians.

Aid To All <SIGNIFICANT>: No matter where, or no matter how dangerous the situation may be, if Mercy is made aware of an ally or a citizen in desperate need of her help, Mercy will put everything on the line to grant the aid that the people at risk require. Whether it's braving blazing fires, battlefields across Earth, or even much more mild, Mercy will give it all to protect those around her: even if, in the act, she kills herself from getting into a situation that is not safe for her, or from overworking herself in the process.

Pacifist At Heart <MINOR>: Mercy is deeply pacifistic, to the point that she refuses to learn combat skills outside of the extremely basic firearm and quarterstaff training she was forced to take. Mercy strongly believes that peace is the way to the future, and generally refuses to raise a weapon against anyone, even her enemies. It is extremely hard to push her to breaking her view, as she will only do so if she is cognizant that her own life, or the life of her patient, is in danger.


Title Date Scene Summary
A Meeting With Mercy November 5th, 2018 Mercy talks to Staren about immortality and those who seek to share it with others.
A Good Spook October 31st, 2018 A trip to retrieve some kind of 'Engine' turns out to be a whole different kind of trip. (TSW Halloween '18)


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