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Mobile Section Six, also called Riot Force Six, is a multi-faceted group led by Nanoha Takamachi and, directly under her, Fate T. Harlaown and Hayate Yagami. Under them is a full hierarchy consisting of vice captains, strikers and cadets. The group specializes in rapid intervention in most crisis situations with a focus on disaster management and non-lethal threat elimination. It is divided in two branches, splitting its members based on how much they are looking to involve themselves in the affairs of the group. (OOC: The group theme is essentially "magical girls", with the first branch of the group being for trained, militarized magical girls and the second, for freegoing magical girls.)

The TSAB branch, also known as the Time-Space Administration Bureau branch, is a tightly controlled, military-oriented branch that focuses on heavily enforced training to hone oneself to perfection, but also to increase performances on the field. This branch is where people native to Nanoha's world are likely to end up, and it is for those who prefer the more strict environment of a military task force.

The Allies branch is a more traditional "magical girl" branch, which while it offers most of the same resources as the TSAB branch (housing, partners to work and train with, basic weaponry and armor) does not require one involve themselves in the heavy training regiments. This branch is better suited for those who prefer to be vigilantes, who are used to protecting their homeworlds as small groups or alone, or who just don't want to work too much.




Hayate Yagami