Nobody Breaks A Pinkie Promise... Nobody...

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Nobody Breaks A Pinkie Promise... Nobody...
Date of Cutscene: 08 July 2014
Location: Divided Equestria
Synopsis: Pinkie meets with her 'superiors' over the recent troubles in Manehattan with Rarity.
Cast of Characters: 470
Tinyplot: None

Tone Music:


Somewhere in the catacombs of Baltimare, mere miles from Manehattan, a meeting was taking place. The kind of meeting meant to be kept deep underground. The kind of meeting meant to be kept from any prying eyes. A table of bone, fashioned from grinning pony skulls and shoulders and legs seats six seats, the candles lit within the gaping mouths of more skulls set on the wall cast a dull and flickering light upon the six figures seated in their places.

At the head of the table, despite the bright coloration of his robes, Cranky Doodle Donkey is not smiling. Niether is anyone else for that matter. Save for the pink-haired woman seated to the right of the closed casket that dominates the head of the other end of the table. The Almost faceless murderer's leer of her white mask smiles enough for everyone present; even moreso than the twin figures of winged boy and horned girl standing just behind her with their own bronze masks in place.

"And you mean to tell me. That you still intend to 'leave her out of this'?" The tone of Cranky Doodle's voice was as glacially cold as the glower simmering at the masked clown as she lightly patted the coffin at her side. "We are to be rid of her, too. You focus too much upon the ArchMagister, shadowy you may be, you still don't have what it takes to gut her just yet, Pinkamena. Renew your priorities and see to eliminating House Whitegold. Strike -now- while they're weak with the loss of their prince and have to turn to that... Crystal freak for leadership."

Despite the smile on her porcelain face, Pinkamena Diane Pie's eyes gleamed with unrestrained murder. But she constrains it. The Jester Prophet steeling herself with a deep, slow, breath as she leans back in an utterly lazy fashion in her own ornate throne of bones, propping her chin on her knuckles. "Yes, I mean to tell you just that. Doodle." She hisses back, voice a creaking his like the rasp of crumpling paper. Then comes the shrug. "You sure are underestimating that 'crystal freak' a whole lot aren't you? She -was- one of the Element Bearers too, fifteen years ago. Anyway you're asking a lot from me, I can only make one person smile at a time sooooo I think I'll stick with undermining the Archmagister. That's more fun anyway, thaaaaaanks."

The standoff between the High Prophet and The Jester Prophet brought on a hushed and awkward silence as the other four at the table hold their tongues save for hushed whispers. "I just don't know what went wrong..." Derpy Hooves mumbles under her breath to the aging and former mayor of Ponyville, Mayor Mare, at her side. "They weren't fighting this hard before..." The Messenger mumbles. "Rarity's return means there's a new power on the board now that Whitegold isn't run by that fop..." Mare returns in a quiet siss.

The tension was more than enough to make the already cold catacombs drop in temperature by another 20 degrees, breath fogging the air save for the one with the porcelain mask, as she simply began to slide her palm up and down the glass-case sarcophagus at her left. "I could always ask The Laughing Mare. But she'd probably just give another riddle." A statement which makes the old ass of a man snort.

"Kill her. Just get her out of the way. The chaos of both heads of House dying will serve our purposes. You've already been blamed for her husband's death anyway."

She did not take kindly to that. The sudden SLAM and CRACK of the bone table immediately silences the proceedings, halted abruptly by the blade of the black dagger rammed into the bone craftsmanship. Cranky pauses, eyes narrowed as the deadly jester growls in reply. "You Pinkie Promised me she would be left out of this. You PINKIE PROMISED." She screeches furiously, the shrill crack of her voice echoing in the catacombs. Before leaning back again and regaining both her composure and the original tone of her almost dead voice. "You know she's as much a victim in all this as I am." But Cranky Doodle is unmoved.

"Do not expect me to take pity on a 'victim' so who handily saw fit to shove blame elsewhere. The Cake Twins saw the murder scene themselves, they confirmed the killer tried and FAILED to mimic your methods. Do you not think that SUSPICIOUS? ... The decision is final, -Pinkie Pie-." He spits. "You will have the Jesters of Baltimare infiltrate Manehattan. You will keep Rarity under watch. And when you have first opportunity, you will kill her personally." Before he pauses... "And just what, praytell, does -she- have to say about this?" The High Prophet hisses, jerking his head at the honorary seventh prophet entombed within the casket at the table.

Pinkie doesn't bother asking, silently simmering behind the smile of her mask.

"She asks: Why so cranky, Cranky?"