Noisy Homecoming (Homura Akemi)

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Noisy Homecoming (Homura Akemi)
Date of Cutscene: 04 June 2016
Location: Mitakihara Town
Synopsis: Clever summary about facing loss again.
Cast of Characters: 2

There was no fanfare waiting for Homura back at the loft she shares with the other Puella Magi after last night. No celebration of victory, no sound sleep knowing she'd succeeded in yet another mission and her Union file got a bit thicker showing she was dependable. There was just the usual noise.

Sayaka and Kyoko, fighting over a video game controller.

Mami and Hitomi preparing food.

Ry sitting mesmerized in front of the washing machine.

Greeted and almost immediatly assaulted by her friends not even a foot through the door, she'd stayed silent, head down. Ignored their requests, said nothing of what happened. She just went to the laundry room, grabbed the R'lyeh Text by the collar and dragged her back to their shared room.

There she sat on her bed, reaching down to pull three things out of a drawer. A very large book, two pair of glasses and a platinum pocket watch. She read aloud the inscription in the pocket watch: "Nos sunt ipsa testis est nostra."

Ry raised a brow, opened her mouth to question it but was interupted by Homura's finger on her lips. She frowned, but didn't bark back.

Setting the Time-Sensitive Specs and the Gun-Nut's Companion, the glasses, on her desk, she set the book on the bed.

"Bliss of Ignorance: What Is Right and What Is Best. Are you cheating on me with another spellbook, master?" Ry glared, looking a bit cross at the idea.

"No," Homura answered. "It's just inspiration. I haven't found anything in it by myself, so it's about time I have you take a closer look."

"Why now?"

"I've been slow and content, and it cost me again. I'm tired."