Not Somebody Who's Seen The Night (Asuna)

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Not Somebody Who's Seen The Night (Asuna)
Date of Cutscene: 26 October 2015
Location: Asuna's Home, Ancient Forest - Sylph Territory, Alfheim
Synopsis: Asuna deals with some things... poorly, in response to revelations about certain friends.
Cast of Characters: 9

Asuna reeled as she left the medical facility that night. Kurahashi... while he had been a great help, what had helped, and then had broken her very heart and soul, was the nature of the fact that her dear friend, her zekken, the Yuuki she had come to adore as much as she did Kirito, Yui, Tomoe, Fayt, Karian, Sinon, and everyone else, from her fellow mother in Fate, to Iianor and Nathan's assistance in getting the game cleared, and the utter, utter hope that Arthur brought her, and she was at risk of losing her. She at risk of losing the closest thing to her little sister.

i used to live alone before i knew ya

"Yuuki-kun's condition is terminal."

and i've seen your strength on the marble arch

Then there had been even more. The revelation that the group Asuna had come to consider a part of her family, more than just Yuuki Konno was living on very slight borrowed time. Sure, Asuna had lost friends in Sword Art Online. The death game, as it were; but she knows what the power of determination can do. She knows the determination she has. She knows the determination, the power that Zekken has.

and love is not a victory march

Asuna blindly stumbles into her cold, dark room in Japan when she gets home some time later. She's missed dinner, her mother is knocking on the door, but she can't face it, she can't face the fact that there is someone out there she loves that has faced down Death on multiple occasions, and she can't even stand up to her mother about her love for Kirito. It's a strength that Asuna wishes she could have, a strength that Yuuki had started to teach to her, and she was about to lose it.

it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah...

Asuna looks around before she waspishly smacks her schoolwork off of her desk, collapsing into the chair, her fingers draped over the sleek lines of her Amusphere helmet. Why was it she couldn't be as brave as everyone else? Where could she find that spark that blossomed with Kiritos love, that returned with the ringing of her blade against Zekkens? She can't. Not in this real world, but...

hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah...

Blindly, Asuna pulls her Amusphere over her head, activating her water-blue wings. She takes off into the air from the Undine capital, bolting through the Rainbow Valley as she seeks out a place mindlessly, before she practically crashes into a ... tree.

"Yuu... ki..."

Asuna sobs quietly, resting her head against the Tree of Friendship as she refers to it in her head... the tree where she and Zekken first met... the tree where she confirmed their friendship.

"I'm going... to save you, imouto. I will. I swear it."