Not The End (Raditz)

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Not The End (Raditz)
Date of Cutscene: 11 December 2016
Location: DBZ Earth-3
Synopsis: Raditz's search isn't in vain.
Cast of Characters: 486

A Space Pod sears through the night sky and slams into a stretch of land, leaving a crater in the middle of nowhere, as Raditz planned for it to. His search took him all through the new 'Outer Space' that seemed to exist now, and this was the last DBZ-Earth he managed to locate in this sector. There were only a dozen other planets that matched the DBZ-Earth signature, and he had been to them all in his search for his home.

This had to be it... It had to.

Raditz climbs out of the pod and pulls out his scouter, slapping it onto his face and tapping the sensors to search for Merra. Her Ki levels were sufficiently high enough that the scouter would pick it up amongst the humans on the planet. If Raditz could find it, he'd find her, and he'd find Gine with her.

The scouter beeps for moments on end, as Raditz counts the various blips out loud, "Five... Sixteen... Seven... Thirty four... Two... Come on, where are you?" It was all so low. Could it be he was on the wrong planet? The wrong EARTH? AGAIN? But this was the last one!

Raditz round despair gnawing into his gut, he drops down to his knees and starts pounding his fist into the earth and creating a small crater, "No, NO! NO!!!! NO NO NO!!! DAMMIT, NO!!" His head is swimming now, he flings the scouter off his face in order to shove his palms into his eyes to force himself to not shed tears, and still failing miserably.

The Saiyan spends several long minutes breathing raggedly, trying to make sense of this hell he was living in. He finally sits up and takes a long breath, wiping his eyes dry as he mutters, "Focus, Raditz... Focus... This has to be it..." With that, he closes his eyes and focuses on reading the Ki around him, opening his mind, and sensing for them all, and one by one filtering it all out, until he finally senses two sets of familiar Ki. "THERE!" He then brings two fingers up to his forehead and grits his teeth as he focuses hard on them...

After a few moments he growls and stands back up, "Dammit, who do I have to punch to learn Instant Transmission!" With that, he powers right up to full and jets off to the east...

It was several minutes, but he soon found himself at Kame House... It had been years since the last time he was on this island, but he was certain that the old man was gone. So why...? Raditz grits his teeth and bursts right into Super Saiyan 2, as he roars, "I don't know who you are, or what you want, I WILL RIP YOU LIMB FROM FUCKING LIMB IF YOU'VE SO MUCH AS TOUCHED A HAIR ON MY WIFE OR MY DAUGHTER!"

It's a tense several seconds, but Raditz isn't waiting long before he sees fiery haired Merra and his red haired daughter in her arms, running out of the house and waving up, "Raditz, where have you -BEEN-!? Do you have any idea how long I've been trying to get a hold of you?! Make me worry why don't you!"

Relief. The Saiyan drops down within an instant of seeing the woman and grabs to pull the two of them tight into his arms and squeezes them. "Don't talk to me about being worried! I had to go space and more space and MORE space to find you!" He sighs in relief, as they share that moment, almost unwilling to let them go again, even as Gine tugs on his hair a bit. Finally, the Saiyan releases them, as he turns his attention back to the house, "So, who else is here? I know you're in there. Give me a reason to not wipe this island off the maps with you on it!"

The tension is truly palpable, but footsteps can be heard coming out, as the owner of which steps out from the darkness inside, a young man clad in a black trenchcoat, with a violet bowl-cut of hair, and a long-sword strapped to his back, smiling as he says. "I'm sorry to have caused you trouble, Raditz, but I brought Merra and Gine here to keep them safe until you got back..."

The smile fades away, turning grim, "And I hate to have to say it after all that's happened... But the Multiverse still needs you."