Not so Hollow Metal (Toph Beifong)

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Not so Hollow Metal (Toph Beifong)
Date of Cutscene: 01 May 2015
Location: Avatar World
Synopsis: Most people would feel better having somebody there to protect them. For Toph, it's only a bittersweet reminder of who isn't there.
Cast of Characters: 20

It's something she's 'seen' before, but not that often.

The first time Toph met Tony he had been surprised when the blind girl had not been deceived as Jarvis had showed off in Mark 11, and the Iron Man himself had kept quiet in Mark 33. The people around had bought it, but not her. It's easy to tell when a suit is empty when you 'see' through vibrations, how things are hollow and with no real weight.

But even if the Igor suit had no weight to it when it sought to scare the young girl and her elven guest when they tried to circumvent house rules, the two teenagers had still taken the heavy suit seriously. Likewise, Toph knew that when Mark 42 had stepped up from the workshop and into the darkness of the living room to provide assistance against an elite spy, she was far from alone as Tony's stern voice had spoken up from the empty suit.

When Mark 41 lands on the ground near the caverns however, the truth is hammered in further. Perhaps she would have liked to imagine that the suit wasn't empty when she felt the familiar metal approach through the sky. It's short lived. Despite how much the suit moves in a familiar way, it's still empty. And it's Jarvis's voice that emits from the helmet, a calm statement instead of a snarky comment or a bad joke in a playful tone. A reminder about how his creator felt concerning the young earthbender going to her hometown unsupervised.

Toph turns her head away, her expression and demeanour perhaps appearing more hard than she intends to. Perhaps it might be interpreted as annoyance over the fact that she is firm in her belief that she doesn't need an escort. That she can handle herself. Let Jarvis believe that, it would be for the better.

Even if he isn't here, what he created is still following her despite her protests, citing the will of his creator... he's still here to protect her indirectly.