Nurturing A Real Partner (Digimon Emperor)

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Nurturing A Real Partner (Digimon Emperor)
Date of Cutscene: 21 June 2014
Location: Digimon Emperor's Ship
Synopsis: The Digimon Emperor starts taking care of a baby Digimon he stole! Poor Wormmon.
Thanks to: Tatsuto Satou for letting me steal that baby!
Cast of Characters: 468

Somewhere, in a dark and generic evil science laboratory.

The Digimon Emperor, ever clad in his blue, white and gold, is holding a small red Punimon in his arms. He has a bottle in one hand, which he is using the feed the small unevolved Digimon. The bottle does not appear to contain a liquid, but rather large quantities of black and red lines of code. The baby Digimon does not seem to mind in the slightest and in fact chitters happily.

On a few screens, vague lines of code all line up to spell "PUNIMON, TSUNOMON, ELECMON, LEOMON, ???" with blurred out but relevant images showing, as well as a thorough analysis of what a Punimon likes and dislikes in terms of food.

Wormmon, a small green worm Digimon, enters the room through the door, carrying a silver platter with a cup of tea on it. He skitters to Ken.

"Master, here's your tea. It's prepared just how you like it!"

"I asked you for that fifteen minutes ago!"

"I-I'm sorry, master, but I promise I made it extra good for you."

"I'm not thirsty anymore! Just put it on the table."

"Okay. What are you feeding that Punimon, master?"

"It's growth code. If I did it right, and of course I did it right, it'll make this Punimon strong and healthy within weeks. I'll finally have a suitable Digimon partner to test my Digivice with!"

"W-Well, I could try to drink some, I bet I could become strong too."

"This isn't for you! It's for an actual strong Digimon."

"But that's just a baby..."

"It's still stronger than you! Get out of my sight before I get angry!"