PMMM Rebellion - Portents 5

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PMMM Rebellion - Portents 5
Date of Cutscene: 04 December 2013
Synopsis: Wraiths suck and Kyubey is annoying.
Cast of Characters: 2
Tinyplot: PMMM Rebellion

Mitakihara industrial district, 4AM.

A massive white figure crashes to the ground. Its body dissipates, leaving behind a black cube half the size of a hand. With two careful high-heeled steps, a black-haired girl lands next to it, before flipping her hair.

"How tedious. So that's what fighting me is like."

"Is that what happened, Akemi Homura? You both disappeared, and now it's fallen without so much as a fight. It must be able to warp time as well." :3

"That is what I just said."

"You seem injured. You should use the curses right away to heal yourself, so I can dispose of them while I'm here." :3

"Just this once I'll agree with you."

Her injuries close, slowly; and as she puts the cube near her Soul Gem, the black patches that cover most of it get sucked out of the purple crystal and into the black cube, which she then gently tosses to Kyubey. The red circle on his back pops open like a door and it goes right in.

"Will that be the whole of your hunting for tonight, Akemi Homura?" :3

"In a hurry to leave? That's my thing."

"I do have a quota to fill and places to be. You're not the only Puella Magi, after all. Additionally, your behavior of late suggests you do not enjoy my company overmuch, but perhaps that is a side-effect of your Soul Gem darkening so quickly and so often? You are falling prey to your darker emotions." :3

"Thank you, Kyubey. Can I disable the pop-up tutorials now?"

"Mm?" :3

"Nothing. I'm going back home."

The girl disappears, without a noise or any effects.

"How high can you fly, Akemi Homura, before the sun burns you?" :3