PMMM Rebellion - Portents 6

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PMMM Rebellion - Portents 6
Date of Cutscene: 10 December 2013
Synopsis: Christmas-themed curses suck. Kyubey still does too, that's a given.
Cast of Characters: 2
Tinyplot: PMMM Rebellion

Homura sits in her room, tugging on her outfit. It seems the only thing she can wear without it transforming is her school uniform; everything else, bright red Santa outfit. This is so incredibly annoying, she thinks.

At least she can take the hat off, even if it just reappears later.

"This is the worst. At least Madoka likes it, I suppose..."

"Oh, so I see it has affected you as well, Akemi Homura." *<|:3

Kyubey walks out of a shadow, Santa hat on his head.

"... what."

"It is rather inconvenient, yes." *<|:3

"Now you're just making fun of me. Take that off."

"I cannot. Even destroying my body does not get rid of the hat." *<|:3

"Were you in the Barrier?"

"Correct, but not for long. The creatures would not let me through." *<|:3

"And how much did you learn?"

"Nothing of use in this particular instance. However, we noticed a very significant amount of energy being produced, so in theory, if we were able to harvest it, we would be able to cut the time needed by--" *<|:3

Homura's voice grows cold.

"I'm warning you, Incubator. You go that road, you start trying to do things with Witches, and I will teach your species what despair feels like."

"My, how energetic, Akemi Homura. Don't worry, at this stage it's currently impossible to collect that energy for us. As with Soul Gems disappearing, it seems there is an external force we don't understand interfering." *<|:3

"You won't be able to understand Madoka. Just stop trying."

"Mm! At any rate, I came to collect the curses you've used in the last few days. It's not good to just leave them laying around, you know?" *<|:3

"Yeah, yeah. Open up."