Parting of Ways? (Laine)

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Parting of Ways? (Laine)
Date of Cutscene: 20 April 2013
Location: Somewhere on Earth-776
Synopsis: Caine, the accursed first murderer, discusses the new world with a man named Beckett
Cast of Characters: Laine
Tinyplot: End of an Age

Two men look out from a sheltered cave, water pouring down beside them from above. The verdant landscape was pristine. Newly-made, shining with a magic not seen in centuries. All new as the rising of the second sun lit it up.

This day. The day the world changed.

The first man lights up a cigarette, one of the last on this ravaged world. The tip glows in an ember as he steps out from the shade, blinking in the light that seems alien to him.

His companion steps out after, arms crossed and a vague smile on his lips. "Heh. Told you they could do it." He shades his eyes, tsking softly. "Well, Beckett. It's been fun, but I guess it's time for me to wander alone for now, once more."

The other man, the man known as Beckett, opens his mouth... then closes it again. The fresh scent of the wilds, the heart beating in his chest, the vague sense of time passing, of his life ebbing away. He felt it all. He knew his companion was right.

"Will I see you again, Caine?"

The infamous murderer brushes aside his hair and shrugs, already starting to trudge down the narrow trail. A casual wave behind is all he would grant most, but this one... he can afford an answer. "Who knows? It's a whole new world out there. Endless possibilities."

Caine, the first murderer, the cursed one, has a smile as he glances over his shoulder at the former vampire he'd known for centuries. One quick wink, easy to miss, and he adds, "Stay out of trouble, hey?"

The former Gangrel vampire watches, shaking his head, then starts down the other direction toward his new life. "See you around."