Perchance To Dream - Captain Flint (Carna)

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Perchance To Dream - Captain Flint (Carna)
Date of Cutscene: 30 January 2018
Location: Fearful Symmetry
Synopsis: A captain has a dream.
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Tinyplot: Return To Escher

The raging seas.

The storms like the wrath of gods.

Unexplored lands with unknown creatures on them.

Whole worlds in the microcosm that is the ocean, waiting to be discovered.

However, the waves are sailed by other ships. Withered and dripping. Pitiless and hungry.

Their only desire to make the living join them.

"Join us, join us." is their chant, in ancient tongues all run together like many rivers emptying into the sea.

Their bare teeth, their skin shimmering in black and green rot. Gnawing the very air as they call out their invitation.

"Join us, join us!"

Things lurk below the water. Not just sunken ships, though there are many of those, but also the things that sunk them.

And the things that made them their homes.

But even deeper, beneath the ocean, is another ocean.

Where the other is stormy, this one is still.

Where the other is gray and green, this one is black.

The other goes on and on without limit, without knowing if one will ever reach shore again if they stray from it.

This one is centered around a single, mighty drowned city, mixing human and inhuman architecture, and the mysteries to be plumbed are in its immediate area...

Down in the deep dark, where Madness lies dreaming in its death-sleep.

But even now, it calls, its influence worming its way upwards, trying to snare unwary souls.

The city is full of secrets, treasures, and the chance to prove oneself stronger than death itself.

So why not just walk out into the waves? Why not just walk out until the black waters engulf you? Flow into your mouth and into your lungs?

Why not just swim down to where the ruins of a dream city lie in utter pitch, and try to slay dead gods?

Why not?

Is it your fear that controls you?

"Join us, join us!" come the cries of crews that have become part of the sea in their long voyage.

COME HERE, says the overpowering command of something ancient and terrible, waiting for the chance when it can walk the world again.

Both are protecting valuable things. If they can be avoided or defeated... Who is to say they could not be yours?

So choose.

Choose which of the Dead Seas you will sail.

Choose who will follow you into Death.

Remember, when you awaken. Because these dreams and visions will not end until you choose.

Flint wakes up, and finds his bedding and his body dripping with something cold and rotten. Putrid water.

He hears the cries of his crew, and rushes to look out at the ocean, to find a massive black shape rising up from below the waves, surrounded in a nimbus of dark clouds and flashing lightning.

Powers are on the move.

And then Flint wakes up again.