Perchance To Dream - Crow (Carna)

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Perchance To Dream - Crow (Carna)
Date of Cutscene: 16 October 2017
Location: Painted World of Ariamis
Synopsis: A Shadow has a vision.
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Tinyplot: Return To Escher

Bits of someone else were leaking out of Crow more and more. It had come here to help its good friend Priscilla with her problems, and now there was someone else looking out through Crow's eyes, telling people things, and speaking in a strange voice. It didn't like it. It didn't like this god-thing inside of itself, beneath the layers of shadow.

It especially didn't like the memories that surfaced whenever this Other spoke. They were foreign memories, belonging to someone else, and yet disturbingly familiar. And many of them were very unpleasant. Crow was still innocent in many ways, though less so as time went on. It didn't understand how anyone could be so mean. How it could have been mean in a 'past life' or whatever. It didn't make sense.

Now that it knew what it was like to kill, to hurt, it couldn't fathom wanting to do it again. Ever.

As Crow dwells on its feelings, its thoughts, gradually being pushed aside by something else, even though it had come to help good friend Priscilla, to keep good friend Enark safe after that disastrous near-fatal attack by something wearing Crow's own face and form, it could not focus on the task at hand.

And eventually, Crow realized it wasn't with people in the Painting anymore. It was somewhere else. When had that happened? It didn't know. But someone or something had taken charge of it, and used its non-presence to just slip away. A vanishing act so subtle that even Crow had missed it.

Something was going to happen in the near future. Something that would hurt all its friends. That other inside, even if Crow didn't like them much, analyzed the flows of energy, the patterns of Powers ebbing and flowing, saw their culmination in a major battle, and predicted the outcome.

And from that outcome, that Other determined that those precious to the both of them, those they called friends, would be drawn into something terrible if they didn't work together to stop it. Shadow and god had to combine forces. Even if it meant they would have sto stop being with their friends from now on. That pained Crow. The idea of being alone again, now that it knew what being with others was like.

But wouldn't it be the same if Crow's friends were lost? If they were taken away and trapped?

In that case, it was better that Crow rescue them by working with this Other, because then at least they'd get to be with each other.

So when the Throne of the Crimson King fell, a Shadow stalked the Bad thing that appeared. The masked Bogeyman that sought friend Kushiko, and then all of them, having tasted their power and wanting it to renew its strength.

And that is how Crow found its way into the dimension known as Fearful Symmetry.

And that is how Crow become a prisoner itself: One that, unlike the others, could not leave.

One can only leave Emblem City if one is returning to one's home.

Emblem City was Crow's home, long ago.

And that meant it had to stay forever.

But Crow was happy.

Terribly sad, but also happy.

Because everyone else on the outside would get to be together again from now on.

Then Crow realized not everyone had made it out of Emblem City before the fire walls went up, cutting it off from the outside world more firmly than ever before.

And then Crow came back to its senses.

There were still people to save, and a future to change.